2 Year Boy Heroically Removes Heavy Object from Atop Twin

Two twin brothers were playing around an IKEA dresser when all of a sudden one of the brothers climbs on the open drawer. The dresser then plummets forward on top of the climbing twin. The dresser not only lands on the twin but rolled atop the twin. One of the twin brothers was pinned under the dresser for 2 painful minutes. Unknowingly the other twin brother somehow garners the courage to react and pushes a dresser 5 to 6 times his weight off his brother. One can only imagine the adrenaline rush to brother was feeling as he was pushing the dresser off of his twin brother. Sad to say this accident could have happened to any unwatched kids left unsupervised by parents. Luckily the 2 boys were uninjured. The parent captured the accident on video and released the video to the public to warn other people that the dresser from IKEA can cause such an accident. IKEA claims the dresser could have been bolted to the wall to have prevent such an accident. The Consumer Safety Product Commission is attempting to come up with safer furniture guidelines for the furniture industry to makes the furniture much more stable and safer. Even though an accident occurred with a certain dresser from IKEA it has been reported that the dresser would not be recalled from IKEA. Hopefully this video is a warning to all parents that dressers must be anchored to the walls.

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