Eric Bugenhagen Once Again Smashing Over 1000 lbs. Power Shrugs! 1015 lbs. Baby!

Never give up! Eric started this workout as a failure. But he refused to end the workout without hitting a personal best record, He put on his thinking cap and nutted up and hit that stuff hard. What did he hit? 1015 lbs. Power Shrugs, baby! Bop, bop! Smoked it! You could feel the intensity! It was out of this world! It was sick as can be, bub! Some of you haters out there are gonna complain about perfect form but we've said it time and time again that "perfect form" doesn't build the traps like insanely heavy power movements do. So shut your mouth! Let's see you step up to the rack and do it, boooy! He also ended it with a high 20 rep set of 785 lbs. Let's see you do that too! This guy is natty and pulling big number that roiders do and his traps are poppin', bop, bop! Nut up or shut up!

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