GHOST IN THE SHELL (1995) the movie which defined the genre

"The Ghost in the Shell series of anime and manga titles is a Japanese post-cyberpunk spy thriller story that offers many observations on present day philosophy and speculations on future philosophy.

Ghost in the Shell takes place in the year 2029, when the world has become interconnected by a vast electronic network that permeates every aspect of life. People also tend to rely more and more on cybernetic implants, and the first strong AIs make their appearance. The main entity presented in the various media is the Public Security Section 9 police force, which is charged to investigate cases like the Puppet Master and the Laughing Man. However, as the criminals are revealed to have more depth than was at first apparent, the various protagonists are left with disturbing questions: ""What exactly is the definition of 'human' in a society where a mind can be copied and the body replaced with a synthetic form?"", ""What exactly is the 'ghost' —the human soul— in the cybernetic body, or 'shell'?"", and ""Where is the boundary between human and machine when the differences between the two become more philosophical than physical?"""

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