Naughty grim reaper gets a gift!

This is a Christmas themed video where Santa is flying across the skies with his bag of gifts in the sleigh. A grim reaper wearing a black cape watches his progress across the sky and then takes a Halloween pumpkin, places it on a protruding branch and aims with his scythe, the end of which curls to form a golf stick. He knocks the pumpkin off which sails through the sky, resulting in a gift falling off Santa's sleigh. The grim reaper is happy and does a really funny jolly dance. HIs cape/clothes look very funny when he is dancing. The gift arcs through the sky and reaches the reaper and surprise it turns out to be a large anvil, presumably made of gold, which lands directly on him, flattening him under and burying him in the ground. The funny part is, does a grim reaper ever die? Holiday and Christmas music - jingle bells plays in the background making this video really funny. Naughty grim reaper gets a nasty gift, perfect for his actions!

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