Why you shouldn't prank your girlfriend

This video is a video of a boyfriend pranking his girlfriend with a used condom. The boyfriend who goes by prettyboyfredo placed lotion in the condom to make it look like the condom was used, and placed it underneath of his bed to make it seem like he cheated on his girlfriend and left the condom under his bed. When his girlfriend came over to see him, she eventually walked into the room where she found the supposedly used condom laying in its place. She picked it up and immediately started causing a raucous in belief that her boyfriend of 3 years cheated on her. While screaming in his face and cursing him out, asking him why she deserves to be treated like this, she puts a hole in the wall with one of her crutches. Also using her crutches, she strikes the boyfriend a few times. At the end of the video, the boyfriend confesses to his girlfriend that it was simply a prank, and they begin to laugh after being fooled.

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