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30 Day Body Intense Cut

This video shows one of my favorite channels on youtube: Buzzfeed. In this video Buzzfeed does the leg work of finding some men that need to cut some body fat and that are willing to accept that chall...Read more

Discover your younger self

This video is actually from one of my favorite channels on youtube: This channel features a charismatic middle aged male that tries to enlighten everyone across the internet with his t...Read more

Guy unknowingly opens a Pokemon card box worth 11,000 dollars.

A Pokemon Youtuber ordered a sealed booster box from the 90's for 1,000 dollars. Already, that is an incredibly rare thing to find. He started to unbox the cards and was feeling giddy and whatnot beca...Read more

USWNT Arrive in Brazil, Ready for Action

This video is focused on the U.S Women's national team's journey to Brazil for the summer Olympic games in Brazil. In the video we meet a couple players such as Crystal Dunn, Tobin Heath and Kelley O'...Read more

Gopro Gone??

"This story starts with a family vacation, a family filming their annual outing to the river using his Go-pro camera strapped on his head. He jumped into the river and the camera popped off of his hea...Read more

Logan battles it out with The Rock

Logan is in New York City to meet Dwayne “The rock” Johnson. He reminisces on his past encounter with the rock. He breaks his camera while in the street of New York and his breakfast was...Read more

Gyro Drive Launch! - Scott Manley

In this video, Scott Manley, a well-known YouTube commentator, demonstrates a new spacecraft that he built in Kerbal Space Program that relies on glitches within the game's physics engine to achieve f...Read more

Corn Races

This video has a group of friends playing an online game together. In this game you can race one another in vehicles of your choosing. Throughout the video all of them race cars and talk to each other...Read more

2 Year Boy Heroically Removes Heavy Object from Atop Twin

Two twin brothers were playing around an IKEA dresser when all of a sudden one of the brothers climbs on the open drawer. The dresser then plummets forward on top of the climbing twin. The dresser n...Read more

In Jesus name everyone heals

"Todd preaching and healing on the streets by the power of Jesus name. I really feel amaze and blessed that in the name of Jesus everyone heals by his name. Because Jesus is the King of all Kings and ...Read more

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