Carolyn Manno

By: Lisa Jain | Jul 2 2013

Carolyn Manno MSNBC Sports Reporter

Carolyn Manno is one of the female sports reporters that are now covering what was once thought to be men only sporting events. Carolyn Manno and others like her are proving that women can report the action on the fields in a way that men and women both will enjoy.

Childhood and Education

Carolyn was born and raised in Florida. She admits to being a tomboy when she was growing up and having an interest in sports that other little girls did not have. She knew that she loved sports and wanted to have a career that would keep her involved in the action and the games she loved to watch. Carolyn prepared for her career by going to the University of Florida and studying telecommunications.

Personal Life

Little is know about her personal life. She hasn't publicly said about her personal life. Carolyn has is not married and hasn't gone though any divorce previously. Little is know to public about her past and current boyfriends. As a private person she is, its good for her that she stays that way.


Carolyn worked as both an anchor and a reporter for at Comcast Sports Net. Comcast Sports Net is located in New England. She also worked for as a contributor.

Manno spent three years covering the Fighting Irish o Notre Dame. During those three years when she was in South Bend Ind. she also covered the games played by the Chicago Bears, and the baseball games of the White Sox and the Cubs. She was there to report on the races of the Indy 500 and she covered the games of the Indianapolis Colts.

While she was in Boston working she covered the Super Bowl game. She also covered the Stanley Cup and the NBA Finals. During the finals she covered teams like the Boston Bruins and the Celtics when they made their appearances. She was present to cover the most epic collapse that the Red Sox had ever had that occurred in 2011.


Carolyn Manno became a part of the NBC Universal family when she was hired as a sports reporter in August of 2009. She was hired to work as a sports reporter on the Football Night in America that aired on NBC.

Carolyn was on the air for NBC during the XXX Summer Olympic Games. She will be covering the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi during 2014 for NBC.

She is joining the Sports Radio Network that NBC is just now debuting. She will also be doing things like action coverage as a correspondent at many different sporting events. Another of her duties at NBC will be to do the sports updates at the Sports Desk.

Sports fans enjoy her coverage of the sporting events and most of them enjoy the fact that she is very easy on the eyes.


Carolyn Manno has earned numerous first place awards that were issued by the Associated Press. She has an Edward R. Murrow award for Sports Journalism that she earned. She also won the Indiana Spectrum Award given for journalistic excellence.


Her Likes

Carolyn Manno says that she enjoys lazy days when she can take long naps. She is also an avid golfer and she loves boarding. She enjoys going to listen to live music broadcasts and she loves the feeling you get when you wear a brand new pair of sneakers for the first time.

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