Marcia Macmillan

By: Nancy Baker | Oct 17 2013

Marcia Macmillan is a senior news anchor in Canada who was born in the year 1970, 24th March. She has been working for CTV News Channel where you can find her regularly during the evening news popping up in the weekdays.


Personal Life & Education

Prior working as a journalist in CTV News Channel, Marcia served as a health reporter and as well as an anchor for the channels including CHCH TV in the year 2003 and Toronto 1 in the year 2004. During this period, Marcia reported the SARS outbreak occurred in Toronto. Marcia also hosted the news program at CKWS at Kingston in Ontario during the year 1998. Also he served as a newsperson and as well as a host for MCTV in North Bay and Sudbury.

Though she was from Ancaster in Ontario, Marcia did her bachelor degree at the University of Western Ontario. She selected Political Science and completed her bachelor degree successfully there. Marcia further did her journalism degree at Ryerson University Graduate School of Journalism. When Marcia was 10 years old, she was passionate to become an actress. When watching TV News one day, Marcia got impressed on watching a woman host presenting the show. That really influenced her and provoked her interest in becoming an anchor. Once after that impact, Marcia gave her sincere efforts and finally she became a successful journalist.

Personal Interest

Marcia loves her profession greatly and interviewing people gives her much satisfaction. Meeting iconic people and having an extraordinary chat is something always interesting for her. She enjoys and feels fortunate in interviewing the world-renowned personalities all the time. Marcia initially starter her career as a reporter and in the later days, her talents were groomed in a right way and she became an extraordinary anchor. She finds herself more comfortable in anchoring and also she enjoys being an anchor as well. Asking typical questions and getting the celebrities interviewed is so funny and exciting that I always like, says Marcia in an interview. Her mother, grandmother and her 4th and 5th standard school teacher were her role models. She celebrates her success calling her boyfriend and mom and joins them for dinner. Marcia always follows her dreams and she doesn’t heed her ears to anyone else to make her dreams come true. She is of course has a good sense of humor too. She herself remains happy and makes everyone around her happier as well.


Marcia Macmillan has brought many interesting and breaking coverage all the time in CTV News Channel. Some of the extraordinary news coverage of Macmillan will include the presentation of G20 at Toronto, which scored huge ratings during the inception. Marcia won the RTNDA for the extraordinary presentation during the Buffalo Plane Crash in the year 2009. Her show presentations with the Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto, Canadian Federal Elections, U.S. President Elections are some of the best clips where Marcia proved her talents on the limelight. Hard work is the secret of her success, while she doesn’t compromises her work for anything else.


She is the proud and prestigious RTDNA Award winner.

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