2017, the year for me

The video open on a scene of a man abusing a cow and then jumps to vegan gains who is uploading a video discussing his experiences in 2016 and his plans for 2017. Vegan gains is a young man whose online demeanor has changed considerably in the past year, going from making hate videos directed at fitness channels promoting the consumption of animal products in an extremely unpleasant and violent manner, to now taking a more reasonable and conversational approach to presenting facts and arguments promoting a vegan lifestyle. While the the disdain for omnivorous persists, the level of intensity in his videos has dropped off considerably and that is evident in this video. He recounts the changes in his life this past year including moving from his mothers house in Canada to Belgium, getting married, and later moving back to Canada. He then begins talking about having a stress induced mental breakdown which he attributes to being over worked. One can only guess that the stress in his life was wearing on him and caused the drop off of the frankly unsustainable levels of intensity that can be seen in his older videos. He then begins a philosophical discussion of goal setting illustrating how our goals can ultimately make us unhappy if we devote all of our time to ambition and do not take time to enjoy life.

Published : Jan 10 2017