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Discover it Credit Card: You should get one

Discover it Credit Card is ideal for everyday purchases, primarily thanks to its Cashback Bonus system, free FICO score monitoring and 100% U.S based customer support. ...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | Credit Cards | Sep 20 2018

Android P is the most exciting OS upgrade in a long time and Google wants you to stop using your phone so much

Google’s new operating system is admittedly the biggest upgrade in software we’ve seen in years; in terms of user experience, that is, on the grounds that it introduces a plethora of new features ...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

Apple seized production of AirPort WiFi routers. These are the best alternatives for your iOS device

Apple’s announcement came on Thursday and according to it, all existing routers will still be available until all stock is sold. You can find the Extreme at $199, the second for $99 and the Time Cap...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

Apple's 2018 iPhones could have a new kind of LCD screen to target a lower price starting point

The most accurate example of Apple’s innovative and tech-oriented spirit is the iPhone X, a smartphone that literally introduced several new features and created trends that we hadn’t seen before....Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

BlackBerry Key 2 is announced for June 7: Here's everything you need to know

The Key one was an impressive handset that could stand its ground in the mid-range, while at the same time introducing a new competitive advantage against its rivals; a physical QWERTY keyboard. For t...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

Dell is going on a sale rampage on PCs Laptops and accessories. Here's how to get its latest laptop 12% off

The Inspiron is a trustworthy laptop series that has earned a rightful spot in consumers’ hearts. They come in all sizes and specs thus managing to please all target groups. The $280 edition is the ...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

Entanglement, a quantum phenomenon is brought to near macroscopic scales and here's why you should care

So far, scientists had only managed to exhibit quantum entanglement on a microscopic scale using particles of light. Recently though, an international team comprised of scientists from the University ...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

Google Duplex was revealed at the I/O 2018 and it spawned a public outcry for disclosure

As far as technology and artificial intelligence is concerned, Google has truly outdone itself and everyone else, by creating a system that can mimic human voice and sentiment to that extent. Some exp...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

Google released serious cloud computing security updates and introduced Asylo, to make your cloud data impenetrable

Cloud computing has turned into a serious and highly profitable business, both for server providers, hosts and clients alike. Big companies are striving to transfer their data from hard disks and USBs...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

Google's new 'Emoji Scavenger Hunt' game uses your device's camera and AI to scan emojis in real life

The tech giant recently circulated an app called Emoji Scavenger Hunt. Once you tap to play the game, the app will show an animated version of an object on the screen – say a shoe or a pen. Then, yo...Read more

By: Nancy Baker | General | May 24 2018

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