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Never (Have I Ever) Wanted to Know THAT About My Parents

Buzzfeed video with several different people playing the “Never Have I Ever” game with one of their parents in pairs (one mother-son pair, one father-daughter pair, and two mother-daughter pairs)....Read more

Heaven Help Us, Most College Students Should Not Be Allowed to Vote

This video interviews Texas Tech students and asks them mind-numbing easy questions such as "who won the civil war?" It is both funny and depressing to learn how many don't know. ...Read more

The Little Things You Didn't know

We use things every day without ever wondering why they are the way they are, and how these inventions came to be. There are reasons why women’s bikes are different than men’s, why a beer bottle i...Read more

Talking Dogs Owner Drives Him Crazy!!

This video is a great play on if a dog could talk and how he would respond to his owner teasing the daylights out of him. In the video we see the dog in a house being spoke to by his owner. The dog is...Read more

Unsolved Mystery

On the night of 1945, the Sodder family experienced a huge house fire which ended up burning the entire house down. However, many different aspects of the story have suggested foul play, including no ...Read more


India's Prime Minister addressed the nation on the eve of New Year the past 50 days, countrymen, the conflict with the government's decision and to strengthen the fight against money laundering.Given ...Read more

Ball soars from one hand to the other

Ball soars from one hand to the other with out a force to keep it moving. The hands are flat and only moving when the weight of the ball has pushed the hands down, just as if it was a spring under a s...Read more

Stephen Colbert Explains the Conspiracy with a Venn Diagram

Stephen Colbert is an expert at explaining tough topics in simple, elegant way. This time he is typically fond of Venn Diagrams but he suddenly finds himself drawing something else....Read more

Hilarious gameplay of horror game Until Dawn by the Scary Game Squad!

The Scary Game Squad is made up of 4 longtime friends: Jesse, Davis, Jirard, and Alex. They are known for playing horror games together while providing hilarious commentary. This video compiles almost...Read more

Crushing a Lamborghini

Would you crush your Lamborghini? Well, Taiwanese authority crushed a Lamborghini that was illegally imported. The license plates were from a different car and the owner just hoped that the cops won't...Read more

Sacrifice the United States for the Sake of the Empire or Sacrifice the Empire for the Sake of the United States

Catherine Austin Fitts is a long-time investment banker handling billions of dollars for clients. She knows and understands global economics. During the recent United States presidential election, Ms....Read more

Tough Guys Talk Silliness

This year’s crop of the best, and by best you know I mean the worst, lip readings of NFL players from the 2016 season. Featuring the game’s biggest stars such as Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Teddy Bridg...Read more


Markiplier plays the indie game Mirror Layers for his viewers on YouTube. In the second video in this "Let's Play" series, Mark screams, gets confused, finds keys, and stumbles through gameplay as he ...Read more

Hole-y Beach Hellraiser

Everyone loves the beach: the water, the waves, the sun and sand. Some people especially love the sand: building sandcastles is a favorite pastime for children and adults alike. But some devious peopl...Read more

Bruce Willakers gets drunk and rants about Hearthstone again

Bruce Willakers otherwise known as Rawb or Rob saw the new Hearthstone update and went on a depressed drinking again to leave us with dank memes and weirdness. Rawb attempts to calm us and use dank me...Read more

"Rhett Loses His Mind while Link Tries to Get His Back"

" In this Good Mythical More--the ""after show"" of the YouTube sensation ""Good Mythical Morning"" by YouTube stars and childhood best friends Rhett and Link--Rhett becomes increasingly excited (if ...Read more

Can a Professional Chef Handle Hot Wings?

The video is about a show where a guy interviews a celebrity while eating wings that get significantly higher based on the Scoville scale. The interviewer asks the celebrity questions based on their p...Read more

YouTube Counter-Strike Star Visits Big American Tournament

In this video, popular streamer and YouTube Counter-Strike star WarOwl visits a tournament in Oakland, CA. He first shows us his hotel room, then shows us the awesome suite the makers of the tournamen...Read more

Finding Fagerstrom

American late night comedian, Conan O'Brien, travelled to Finland in 2006 and while on a mission to surprise fans by visiting them in their homes, he couldn't resist laughing when he noted the name on...Read more

The Anatomy of a Dollhouse

By far one of the best videos on YouTube. What accuracy, skill, and precision. While it may seem quite easy at first glance to assemble this little dollhouse, one must have an incredible amount of foc...Read more

"From Wow to Pow Full Coverage Makeup Tutorial

The video begins with a bare faced model who goes step by step from the bare face to full on make up. She begins with washing and prepping her face for the makeup. After a clean face she applies the p...Read more

Conan O'brien Makes Jordan Schlansky Drink Regular Coffee

Mr. Obrien does a skit with one of his workers and gets him to explain why how an espresso machine is a wise investment of company money. He finds Schlansky's office in a mess. He compares him to Muss...Read more

Catermelon Apocalypse!

" In this video, a cat has an intimate encounter with a slice of watermelon. Watch as he noms, slurps and chomps his way through his fruity foe! Regale in his fluffy splendor as he nibbles away throu...Read more

Cold Boiling

This video is about the properties of water with little to no atmospheric pressure. We learn that water contains vapor that can be released more easily when there is no atmospheric pressure to hold do...Read more

Why you shouldn't prank your girlfriend

This video is a video of a boyfriend pranking his girlfriend with a used condom. The boyfriend who goes by prettyboyfredo placed lotion in the condom to make it look like the condom was used, and plac...Read more

Soft and Puffy Rotis

"As we people rushing every morning to make some money at the end of the day really don't have much energy or mood to stand in front of the Kitchen stove. Hardly we have some time in the weekends to p...Read more

Fan Theories That'll Have You Re-watching Movies

You ever watch a movie and find yourself thinking about hidden plots that weren't fully explained in the film? If that description sounds like you believe me you are not alone. Some theories that turn...Read more

"Shes a ""playa for real"" "

This video is about a song. One of the most powerful songs I have ever heard. In this song, She met someone new and she was already attached to someone. She told him at first that she had a boyfriend ...Read more

Flying Over Paradise

In this video, a drone departs from a bungalow at the Intercontinental Le Moana Resort and flies over the beautiful and lush island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. As the drone rises over the bungal...Read more

How Virtual Reality Will Make The Impossible A Reality

The video is about how the technology of virtual reality has finally caught up with what people have been dreaming of for decades. With various companies developing devices that will fully immerse the...Read more

A close look at the guts on the inside of a furby

Two furby connects are unboxed and interacted with for a short time before being promptly moved to a workshop setting and placed in the direct path of an advanced cutting tool. A blue furby shows exci...Read more

OPFOR. OJT training for online cops.

Bay Area Bugs, Polecat324, and Jeff Favignano play for characters in an online gaming community called Department of Justice. As part of a group called CodeZero Gaming, they have opened a server that ...Read more

Japanese girl eats 6000 calories of donuts bigger than her head

This girl uploads videos of herself eating thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of calories in one meal. In this video, she eats huge donuts, regular sized donuts, and what look like donut holes on...Read more

So Blessed

The video that I decided to watch was of a video of one of my favorite youtubers talking about where he was last year, and the year before that. This video was inspirational to me because I have watch...Read more

Do you remember your first celebrity crush?

We all have our celebrity crushes, those sexy men or women who we simply adore, but little Mila's sexy crush breaks her heart. While sitting in the car Mila's mom tells Mila that Adam Levine had gotte...Read more

One Wrong Move from Sleeping with the Sharks

When whales are killed or die of natural causes, their carcasses can feed marine life for days and even weeks. The blood leaking from the dead whale can be detected by sharks for miles around. The sha...Read more

What you NEED to know for the New Year!

Tired of boring your friends with the same old trivia? Curious about how gross beer really is? How many hearts an octopus has? How tiger sharks start out life as the survivor of a bloody war? This vid...Read more

intuition believe

"It's all about our believe that evolve from our intuition to any thing which we assume to give up.It shows that we can do any thing what we want to do in our life but the main thing is our believe...Read more

Stings and Bites on Purpose

These guys are free handling bullet ants, harvester ants, fire ants and other insects that sting. They are actually making the insects sting them. An alligator bit the man's arm. They had leeches o...Read more

Why we ALL love cats!

I love cats. You love cats. We all love cats. Cats are little bundles of joy that not only make great companions but also make us laugh in the process. From getting stuck in the most awkward positions...Read more

Rescued cuties: baby hedgehog hiccups!

The video shows three baby hedgehogs picked up by a Wildlife Rescue Centre. The hedgehog babies had been abandoned by their mother immediately after birth, as she was disturbed while birthing them. Th...Read more

Stress relief - A Divine Solution

"Stress creates an immense unstablity mind that does not help us to deal our day to day tasks efficiently. While analyzing the deepest corners of the stressed mind, we could see the fear of getting lo...Read more

Bouncing Rump Corgi Races Under the Bed

Watch as this adorable, spunky corgi races around the futon bed and then take a shortcut under it; doing the splits and bouncing it's fluffy rump to waddle it's way through. His wide smile and lolling...Read more

one of the most hilarious people/animal videos.A must see

"This video is really funny, with different scenes of animals ating goofy,animals acting sily with their fellow pets,acting alone, acting super funny with their owners. I really enjoy watching funny ...Read more

Cats who are fed up with it all

This video is a series of instances with cats. The sum of all of the instances reflect the true nature of cats everywhere. Cats, in general, tend to be introverted jerks. They prefer their own persona...Read more

Doomsday paradox

"This video talks about the likely extinction of humans based on certain surveys and facts. Firstly, vsauce asserts that human extinction is possible by using the genome code of currently known deadly...Read more

Megatron Gets Boobs for Feminism

Megatron is forced into a brutal truth after a controversial fight with his enemies. Through nights of research on the almighty feminism movement, his life is changed forever. By equipping himself w...Read more

Animal Besties Loving Life and Showing Off

This adorable and amusing video compilation includes various animal friends showing us their special talents, or just being the best of friends. This video shows both wild and domestic animals enjoyin...Read more

When Reality is far more Entertaining than fiction.

The existence of black holes within our known universe is astounding. These massive, ever hungry, space anomalies are constantly making us question how the universe really work. This video shows how t...Read more

Hidden earth facts

I really enjoyed this video due to a few reasons, I have to admit i was very depressed at the fact that i didn't learn any of this in school. The earth is flat and they never hinted or even probably b...Read more

Nobody on San Diego Beach has read a book

A guy asks people on a San Diego beach boardwalk what was the last book they read. Most of the people can't seem to remember any books, let alone the last book they have read. Children's books are wha...Read more

Be the you that you want to be in 2017

You should always push yourself to learn new skills and 2017 is a great year to start. This video recaps what one man learned during the year 2016 and poses the question of what will you learn in the ...Read more

The truth about network marketing and MLM

"The video describes about network marketing or we can say MLM business. MLM is a real business that can earn you very decent amount of money even if you are not doing it full time. You just need to h...Read more

polar bear makes a new friend

Watch as a polar bear makes a new friend, a sled dog! This video has went viral when tourist in Canada caught the cuteness on video. Known for their some time ill temperament polar bears are not alwa...Read more

Fun with Bandicoot in Park

A man tried to fun using bandicoot toy with people who came to park. It was really very funny to see the reactions of the people after knew that it was a toy and a man sending it in between their legs...Read more

Sore Winner Amanda Nunez

This was the anticipated fight that legend Rhonda Rousey came back to fight Amanda Nunez. Safe to say this was not the anticipated return that everyone thought for Rhonda and she ended up getting Tko'...Read more

Dogs are men's best friend

"The video is a heart touching footage of a loyal dog accompanying his injured master on the way to hospital. The man in the video got drunk and had a head injury and fell semi-conscious. His dogs ...Read more

Social Justice Warrior Awards

"Video details some of the funniest and most outrageous moments involving social justice warriors in 2016. Some of these individuals includes people such as aids skrillex, who was yelling at someone b...Read more

Matthew and "Linda Honey"

A three year old little boy argues with his mom about cupcakes. Apparently Mom said no he couldn't have cupcakes for dinner, so he took the matter to grandma. His cute little face and his "Linda Honey...Read more

Janet Jackson Crazy Skits

Mega Star Janet Jackson performs funny skits on Saturday Night Live. She is funny and shows a side of her that is surprisingly amusing. She performs a skit of a spoiled teen, Americans Next Top Model ...Read more

2017, the year for me

The video open on a scene of a man abusing a cow and then jumps to vegan gains who is uploading a video discussing his experiences in 2016 and his plans for 2017. Vegan gains is a young man whose onli...Read more

Might have to Google this one!

This is a very amusing you tube video advertising products claimed to be made or invented by Google. Have you heard of an app that will tell you what animals are really thinking or would you trust a s...Read more

Henna Mountain Challenge

This crazy girl decides to do henna. She just keeps going, and going, and going. Moe and more henna, henna for days. Layers upon layers of henna, the mountain keeps growing, the hand gets heavier. Dry...Read more

The Amazing Bubble Popping Lizard

If you enjoy cute and funny animal related videos, this video will definitely be one of your new favorites - probably your favorite of the entire year. I know that I certainly couldn't stop thinking a...Read more

Croation Entertainer gets the townsfolk moving!

In this video we see a happy joyful Croatian performer entertaining locals in a village. He's signing a traditional song about a man who was so hungry he needed to eat moldy bread. He's fashioned a co...Read more

Pedestrian Road Rage

This German commercial shows what happens when racers drive their tuned up cars on residential streets too fast. One homeowner has had enough and uses some of the finest springs money can buy to exact...Read more

Think your gaming opponents are the most toxic, guess again.

Think your gaming opponents are the most toxic people ever? Guess again. Here are 10 of the most toxic communities for some of the worlds most popular games....Read more

GHOST IN THE SHELL (1995) the movie which defined the genre

"The Ghost in the Shell series of anime and manga titles is a Japanese post-cyberpunk spy thriller story that offers many observations on present day philosophy and speculations on future philosophy. ...Read more

Believe in Yourself and work hard for success

This video shows the success story of big giant online company Amazon's founder Jack Ma. He is not come from very rich family and also not pass out from very famous university like Haward, Cabridge et...Read more

Bewitching Crafts: Dragon Hide Journal Tutorial

Corinne of Threadbanger goes to a thrift store to find supplies for her dragon hide journal tutorial. This video was sponsored by Dragon Mania Legends #sponsored #ad...Read more

Fenton Causes Chaos

In one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time, Fenton — who appears to be some sort of Labrador — somehow evades his owner and decides to run full speed ahead in an effort to herd hundreds of d...Read more

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