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Stress relief - A Divine Solution

"Stress creates an immense unstablity mind that does not help us to deal our day to day tasks efficiently. While analyzing the deepest corners of the stressed mind, we could see the fear of getting lo...Read more

Rescued cuties: baby hedgehog hiccups!

The video shows three baby hedgehogs picked up by a Wildlife Rescue Centre. The hedgehog babies had been abandoned by their mother immediately after birth, as she was disturbed while birthing them. Th...Read more

Why we ALL love cats!

I love cats. You love cats. We all love cats. Cats are little bundles of joy that not only make great companions but also make us laugh in the process. From getting stuck in the most awkward positions...Read more

Stings and Bites on Purpose

These guys are free handling bullet ants, harvester ants, fire ants and other insects that sting. They are actually making the insects sting them. An alligator bit the man's arm. They had leeches o...Read more

intuition believe

"It's all about our believe that evolve from our intuition to any thing which we assume to give up.It shows that we can do any thing what we want to do in our life but the main thing is our believe...Read more

What you NEED to know for the New Year!

Tired of boring your friends with the same old trivia? Curious about how gross beer really is? How many hearts an octopus has? How tiger sharks start out life as the survivor of a bloody war? This vid...Read more

One Wrong Move from Sleeping with the Sharks

When whales are killed or die of natural causes, their carcasses can feed marine life for days and even weeks. The blood leaking from the dead whale can be detected by sharks for miles around. The sha...Read more

Do you remember your first celebrity crush?

We all have our celebrity crushes, those sexy men or women who we simply adore, but little Mila's sexy crush breaks her heart. While sitting in the car Mila's mom tells Mila that Adam Levine had gotte...Read more

So Blessed

The video that I decided to watch was of a video of one of my favorite youtubers talking about where he was last year, and the year before that. This video was inspirational to me because I have watch...Read more

The Little Things You Didn't know

We use things every day without ever wondering why they are the way they are, and how these inventions came to be. There are reasons why women’s bikes are different than men’s, why a beer bottle i...Read more

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