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Change the channel with your thought

Have you ever wondered how far technology will go before it allows you to do things with your mind? We’re not referring to technological miracles such as flying or teleporting. More like daily tasks...Read more

By: Lisa Jain | General | Jun 23 2015

Pepper: The humanoid robot is coming to the markets

Remember those movies we used to watch where domestic robots existed to aid humans with the house jobs? Robin Williams was a very successful domestic robot at the movie “Bicentennial Man”. And if ...Read more

By: bi jog | General | Jun 23 2015

3D printers that can print human skin

Things seem to have changed dramatically in the cosmetics industry by L’Oreal USA, which announced the beginning of an innovative collaboration with the video printing 3D company, Organovo Holdings....Read more

By: Lizzie Walters | General | Jun 23 2015

8 year old boy is a hero

This story is about Christian McPhilamy, an 8 year old boy in Florida who taught us all a life lesson. two years later – two and a half to be exact – the 8 year old boy who turned out to be a hero...Read more

By: bi jog | Celebrities | Jun 6 2015

This Pregnancy Will Shake Hollywood for Good

Some news simply can’t stay unobserved no matter how hard you try. You see, sometimes it’s so provocative that that it’s just impossible not to comment on such events. So if you’re wondering w...Read more

By: bi jog | Celebrities | Jun 4 2015

BB King: Homicide Investigation for the Legend of the Blues

A homicide investigation has been conducted for almost two weeks now, after the legend of the blues, BB King has passed away. That information was announced by the forensic surgeon’s office at the s...Read more

By: Lizzie Walters | Medical | Jun 4 2015

B.B King: Plot Twist

The Las Vegas Police asserts that they haven’t conducted any homicide investigations, almost two weeks after the death of B.B King thus contradicting the announcement that the office where King’s ...Read more

By: bi jog | Celebrities | Jun 4 2015

Windows 10 Went Public Earlier Than Expected

We all expected Windows 10 and whatever they were to bring with them (referring to new features). But Microsoft once again surprised us by releasing the new operating system earlier than expected. In ...Read more

By: Lizzie Walters | General | Jun 4 2015

Brad Pitt is Bisexual

Hollywood’s – and possibly even the world’s – best looking couple took a big hit from the scandal that the spotlights recently caught. Of course the said couple is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt...Read more

By: Lisa Jain | Celebrities | May 28 2015

Mobilegeddon – The End of an Era

If you own a business that has a website, you probably have already heard the term ‘Mobilegeddon.’ But, what is it, exactly? Firstly, search engines today use a certain algorithm to help rank webs...Read more

By: Bill Thompson | General | Apr 22 2015

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