Dana Perino

Published : Nov 20 2013 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

Dana Perino is one of the most known personalities of the United States.  She came in lime light when she joined the White House as a Press Secretary.  She worked in the regime of forty-third president of the U.S. Mr. Bush. Dana was the second lady to join the White House as a Press Secretary. The first lady was M/S Myers. Presently she is hosting a show for a popular news channel Fox.  Because of this show once again she is in lime light and became one of the most famous TV personalities of the U.S. 

Her talk show has managed to earn a good place in the hearts of her viewers.  It is a news show, which shows day-to-day news in a conversation manner.  Because of this innovative idea of conversation, her talk show has become very popular among the people of the U.S.  Moreover, her overall personality is best suited for the show.  Her confidence in speech and ability to express her-self completely is increasing her number of fans. Since she is a journalist and has served in the White House, she has faced camera many a times.  There is no problem for her to face the camera without getting nervous and host the show in a friendly manner.  Her easy go nature and specialty to dig out the important issues is one of the key points for the popularity of the show.  She is not the only host of the show, she is a co-host.  Her other co-hosts of the show are equally talented and are well known personalities of the media.  Besides this talk show “THE FIVE”, she is also working for a publishing house.  She is the director of the editorial department of the publishing house.

She was born to Leo and Jan Perino in the year 1972.  She started her schooling from the high school of Ponderosa at Colorado.  She is a mass communication graduate from the State University of Colorado.  She studied Spanish and political science in the University.

Because of her TV show she has became one of the most talked personalities of the U.S.  Now people are also interested in her personal affairs.  People have started searching her details on the internet to know more about her personal life as well as professional life.  As far as her personal life is considered she is married to Peter in the year 1997.  Peter’s complete name is Peter McMahon.  She met him accidently while travelling to Denver.  After this meeting Peter enjoyed the status of being her boyfriend.  Their love for each other grew as the time passed and their affair lasted for eleven months, after which they become a married couple.  Mr. McMahon is a person from marketing business.  He is into the sales as well as marketing of different medical products.  Both of them are very comfortable with each other and had denied the possibility of divorce.  Dana is a pet loving person who also owns a dog.  She gave him the moniker Jasper.

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