Ed Henry

Published : Nov 20 2013 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

Journalist and correspondent, associated with Fox News, Edward Henry, popular as Ed Henry, is a White House reporter, in Washington D.C.

Ed was born in New York, on 20th of June, 1971, currently residing in Mary land.  He studied in Siena College to earn a bachelor’s degree in English.

Started his carrier with noted columnist Jack Anderson, later in 2003, started working as a political analyst on local radio shows. He still contributes as an editor in Washington, a news tabloid.

In 2005 he served as a moderator in CNN. In 2006, he started covering White house and granted a senior level in 2008. Out of three reporters at White House, he was only leading correspondent. Since President Barak Obama took over the office he was continuous in the job and asked various questions during conferences and press releases, direct addressing to the President.

He covered the vacations of President Obama in Hawaii with radio talk show host  Rush Limbaugh and was present at site when Rush was hospitalized due to chest pain. He covered Court House shooting in 2010, at Las Vegas live for CNN.

Henry left CNN to become a chief correspondent at White House for Fox News Channel, in 2011. It was circulated that Henry’s contract was not being renewed at CNN. During his one interview he said that he always would like to work with number one in the field.  He further called his association with Fox as welcoming and great, has no regrets to leave CNN. In his view, the CNN is no near in the competition to Fox News.

During the election coverage, he again pointed at CNN that Fox was unfairly being pulled down by some media people, just because Fox was doing a great job and gaining popularity, while others are making rubbish statements.

 Henry’s wife Shirley Hung is also associated with media world and surprise to all; she works for CNN as a producer. The couple married in 2010, and the cake prepared for the wedding had 22 layers of chocolate weighing seventy pounds, and was an imitation of White House. They both were engaged in February 2010 and marriage took place in June.

In 2005, for reporting of congress from National Press he received an award for his distinguished work. He won Merriman Smith Award from White House Correspondent’s Association, in 2008, for a job done under pressure seeking a deadline.

Though Henry’s net worth is not disclosed, it is assumed that he was also not interested in renewal of his contract, because he has jumped to a high salary in Fox News. 

Once while questioning President Obama, which President was over looking and Henry pushed him on it Obama answered “I kept mum because I should know what I speak, before I speak”.

Later referring to the quote Henry said “He was doing his job and I was doing mine”

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