Harris Faulkner

Published : Sep 12 2013 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

Being born and brought-up in Atlanta, Harris Faulkner is an award-winning newscaster and host for Fox News Channel. People crave and go crazy to watch her shows during the weekend, as they enjoy her presentation and appearance. Faulkner is an enthusiastic and motivational speaker who has been serving her best efforts for many charitable causes. Her father is an Army Aviator in United States of America. The lady seems and appears to be very confidential and motivating, which has all paved a way to reap this grand success. Her sensational and warm voice delivering the messages and interplay makes all her shows interesting and remarkable. With her motivational speech and presentation, she has empowered and engrossed audiences all around the world.

Her mastery in anchoring has earned her tangible position on “Fox Report Weekend.” Her talent in presenting the breaking news has won her accolades and Six Emmys. Besides everything, Faulkner gets so inspired towards one word and of course it is the word: Mom. Faulkner is a responsible wife and a lovable mom of two girls where the elder one is Bella who is 6 years of age and the youngest is Danika who is just 3 years old. Faulkner loves playing a role of a responsible mom and also she has been a member of a “Special Club” too. Though being a busy and eventful host and newscaster, Harris doesn’t compromise her role of being a responsible mom all the time. She knows how to balance her work and parenting kids together without any trouble. Like every mom and women, Harris life is drenched with happiness, joy, fun, surprises, challenges, pain and adventure indeed.

Faulkner easily manages her career, kids and family together. She makes her time for her husband Tony Berlin which keeps them both connected with the family relationship and understanding. Faulkner never compromises to have a date night with her husband every week, while it means a cup of coffee along with their favorite snacks and a movie in their home once the kids get to the bed. Sometimes, the weekly date night could either be getting a babysitter and relaxingly walking out. This lady’s lovable husband is so romantic, says Harris. Monday and Tuesday are her weekend time almost while they plan their outing and with different choices.

Faulkner did her graduation in business economics and studied mass communication at University of California Santa Barbara. Once after completing her education, she started her career as a junior accountant prior working as a freelance copywriter for L.A. Weekly. Harris started at KCOP, Channel 13 at Los Angeles and further she moved to Greenville and worked at WNCT – TV, Channel 4. During the time 1992 – 2000, Harris stayed in Kansas City and had a declination after hosting the Primetime Newscast. Harris moved to the United States and joined the Fox News Channel.

For all her efforts and hard work, she won six Emmy Awards for her splendid performance in being a successful newscaster. Harris Faulkner was the lead host for KSTP TV for the show airing during 6 pm – 10 pm during 2004.

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