Heather Nauert

Published : Nov 21 2013 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

Heather Nauert, an anchor for Fox news channel, a major news channel of U.S. She is also co-host of famous show Fox and Friends, in the morning.  

Heather is a graduate of arts holding a bachelor degree in communications. She attended Mount Vermin College for her graduation.

She completed graduation from Pine Manor College in Massachusetts, and later attended Mount Vernon College for Women for her bachelor degree of Arts in Communications. Later she completed master degree in communication from Columbia University.

Heather started her carrier as a business reporter on a business program called First Business to be broadcasted over hundred business markets in the country. Later she was a government consultant for affairs related to health, insurance and taxes for social circle, Washington D.C.

She started working with Fox News from 1998 and remained till 2005. She was a contributor for three years and was appointed correspondent after that. At Fox news she was a contributor to the Big Story.

She also covered many big stories such as elections of Iraq, repercussion of 9/11 attacks and many more.

After she left Fox News, she landed ABC News as a correspondent and conducted the shows like, Good Morning America, World News Tonight and other shows.  In 2007 she again returned to Fox to become a co-host of Big Story.  She remained a co-host of many program on the channel.

At present Heather is associated with FNC conducting and co-hosting many programs. She is considered as one of bright presenters of the news world and channel.

Heather is a married woman and settled in life. Her husband Scott Norby is a banker in  investment. They had their first child in 2009 and second in 2010.

Heather has got a good personality and nice looks. She doesn’t seem of the age she is in. she is embraced with good figure and height. Heather has earned a lot of Fan following because of that. She is a pet lover and has pets at home as well. She believes in animal rights. Heather loves to travel when she is on holidays. She and her husband are understanding couple so they enjoy their married life. They care for each other and family.

During holidays they spend their time with family and go on journey. Heather leads a public life and understands her responsibility towards society and family. She is a part of some animals supporting trusts as well, as she cares for them.

Heather is a celebrity of media world and admired because of her looks and figure. She is a well known personality and has fans all over the world asking about her life, figure, facts and all things related to her. She is available on twitter and other sites to remain in touch with her fans and friends.

Every show of her is news as photos of her shows are uploaded by different sites and create a wave in fans. She is one of most searched people.

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