Jedediah Bila

Published : Nov 21 2013 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

Jedediah Bila, who is of Italian descent, was born on 29 January 1979. She is a radio and television personality, as well as a contributor on Fox news and occasional author. She graduated successfully from Wagner College and completed her Master in Arts at Columbia University.

Professional Experience

Jedediah has also played a noteworthy role in the world of education, serving as both a knowledgeable mentor for ambitious students, as well as an instructor in many disciplines of knowledge. She served as the former dean for high-school level education and an academic advisor, as well. She has taught at the high school, middle school and on the college level. She also held many leadership positions in the fields of Marketing and Education.

Jedediah has worked extensively with children from the age of three until adulthood and performed workshops in the fields of Spanish, public speaking, academic writing and monologue coaching. She understands the importance of attending to their developmental, educational and practical needs. While she is a resident of New York, she presents herself as a true Manhattaner.

She joined the Fox News Network in the year 2013, and she is currently working as a contributor to this network. She delivers coverage and information to audiences with great style and boldness. This network has gladly inducted her as a prized member of the community, and each week, she continually rivets audiences with her captivating presentation and her unique approach to informing the general public. Her work on this station frequently covers conservative issues, along with the perceived faults of the democratic party, and telling issues that are affecting the political sphere.

Throughout the course of her tenure in the FNC, she has made an appearance on many programmes such Your World, The Five etc. She even made substantial contributions to the Fox Business Network and embarked upon guest visits for CNBC, MSNBC, The Blaze and many other prominent networks and radio shows. Whenever she makes a notable appearance on a TV shows, her presence is quite palpable, even on a television screen. Audiences can simply feel the immensity of her vigor for politics, the liveliness of her personality, the searing edges of her wry humor, and of course, her smart and clever approach to talking about world issues.

As a columnist, she frequently showcases her work in publications, such as The Daily Caller, Human Events, Newsmax, Town Hall, Breitbart News and The Blaze. She has also authored a book called Outnumbered, which was published in the year 2011. Jedediah is a speaker for a famous institute and currently serves as a mentor at The New Agenda. Essentially, she does not limit her widespread influence to a single medium, but rather, disseminates her opinion through other means of communication as well. Whether she is writing, or appearing on the radio or television, she conveys an equally compelling effect for her audience.

She has been a guest host on radio, namely, 1450 WCTC and has served as a co-host on many shows on the Fox News network, as well. Her writing style is very distinguishable and notably vibrant, ebbing with personality. Her works certainly deserve notable mention and positive comments from the audience. Her articles are very thought provoking, and she has the apt ability to probe the reader’s mind while writing.

Up, Close and Personal

Bila is known for her intriguing, but, unforgivingly blunt approach to delivery the news through various types of media. In the syndicated television show Outnumbered, she noted she scoffs at political correctness and aims only to enrich audiences with candid and frankly presented information. This type of commentary has pervaded her writings, radio appearances and television appearances, as well.

Of course, her straightforward approach has won her the notable acclaim of many prominent figures in the industry. For example, one particular source noted that she challenges contrived attempts at leftist diversity and feminism, while elucidating the basis of hypocrisy in the political world. She takes the issues of etism, and exposes it with undiluted clarity. She is frequently noted for her sharp, conservative ability to discredit specious, Leftist claims with the aid of solid evidence and an engaging delivery.

She is well aware of the misconceptions and skewed perceptions that plague the conservative parties of the United States. With this said, she valiantly challenges the specious claims launched against the conservative party with great humor. She captures the absurdity of many populated norms that purportedly distort the general public’s view of politics altogether.

What truly distinguishes Jedediah from other political conservative talk show hosts is that she can identify the faults inherent in her own political party. She is intent on presenting issues with an honest sense of candor, not obscured biases that simply skew the media. She delivers a wealth of information designed to provoke a valid stance of issues, not a reckless sensationalization of conservative figures.

Although she champions conservative views and opinions, she also unearths the very mistakes affecting the conservative party to begin with. She cautions people to probe even their most cherished political candidates before they vote them into office. Simply stated, she is not swayed by sensationalism in the media, nor does she deify political candidates. She has an acute, solid awareness and consciousness of the political world around her and she endeavors to give others the same level of clarity within the scope of their own individual lives.

Clearly, she thinks for herself and she does not advocate thoughtless belief systems about politics. She urges others to be as decisive in their views and opinions as she is.

Her Important Life Decisions

When questioned about her five smartest lifetime decisions, these were her responses.

She noted that visiting Paris, Rome and Bruges at the age of twenty made her early life very interesting. This is understandable, consider the archaic architecture, cultural delights and intriguing history of these regions. Of course, the unmatched scenic beauty is the most telling features of these regions of the world.

She will never forget the riveting Spanish summer of 1999. She relished in the appetizing, local specialities, including the paella. She went on a memorable motorcycle ride. Of course, no enlivening Spanish vacation could replace the warmth and comfort of her friends back home.

She also learnt Spanish and mentions that Neruda and Alberti are among her most cherished favorites of all time. She clearly has refined her palette for literature throughout the course of her life.

She informed the media that the workshops she performed at the American Academy, in the field of Dramatic Arts, provided invaluable experience and enabled self discovery as she was playing the characters. This most likely contributed to the humor and vibrant personality that she is usually credited for by her colleagues and audiences and viewers.

Accordingly, Jedediah will never forget the day she went on a date, at the age of 18. The innocent and charming love that she experienced at this time will forever be ingrained in her memory.

This commentary proves that she has reflected deeply upon her most significant life moments and decisions. It is refreshing to know that she cherishes innocent memories and professional accomplishments, as well.

Personal Life

There are some interesting personal facts that people should know about Jedediah. She has an adorable puppy named Emma. Furthermore, at the age of eighteen, she met her boyfriend, who was a much older guy who was both very handsome and successful. Ever since then, she has dated several men and has had the delight of meeting new people. She believes that each experience adds to what you are and enables you to find what you truly want.

Jedediah reportedly has a number of everyday, mundane hobbies, outside of the political realm. She enjoys shows such as Dance Moms, and she appreciates the literary artistry of The Great Gatsby. She also enjoys gourmet burgers, freshly made juices, and plays, as well.

Her Writing style

Based on the frequent blog posts that she uploads to her official website her writing style appears to be provocative, and delivers messages with economical and unmistakable clarity. She entertains both naysayers and her own political values, while adopting a valid stance on whatever issue she decides to advocate at that moment. Aside from that, she is not simply a reporter who delivers information objectively to the public sphere. She actually incites deeper thought about the issues, while implicitly proposing solutions to any degree of obscurity, falsehood or hypocrisy plaguing the political world. She interweaves her personal experiences into the posts in order to evoke a sincerely personal effect that both informs the audience and draws them in emotionally. Her writing is direct and vivid, never ceasing to generate exactly the image that she originally intended.

Recent Media

Just recently, Jedediah posted a telling, and poignant excerpt about Joan Rivers on her official website. She drew apt comparisons between Joan Rivers, and her own Brooklyn-born sisters, revelling in the sharp tongue, comedian's life long legacy of brilliant comedy and laughter. 

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