Alex Witt

Published : Jul 10 2013 | Modified : Mar 27 2016

American News Anchor Alex Witt

You have been watching this American news anchor on MSNBC ever since she joined them in January of 1999. She is currently the host of a weekend news program entitled Weekends with Alex Witt.


Alexandra was born on April the ninth of 1961 in Los Angeles, California. Her father is a noted thoracic surgeon in Los Angeles. He is Doctor Charles B. Witt, M.D. Alex grew up in the neighborhood known as Hancock Park.


Alex attended the Marlborough School for Girls located in Los Angeles. Marlborough school is a private school for girls. She went to the University of Southern California where she had a dual major of journalism and international relations.


Alex started her career in television journalism as a field producer for the Today show that is filmed in Burbank. The first on air position she worked was at the Salinas, California station of KCBA. Later she would also work for KCBS-TV, and KNBC-TV, and even KABC-TV. All of these television stations are located in areas that are adjacent to her home town of Los Angeles.

From 1990 until 1992 she held a position on air as a reporter for KCBA. From 1996 until 1998 she worked as a reporter for WNYW-TV. In 1999 she joined the ranks at MSNBC and has been there ever since.

Behind the Scenes with Alex

Alex is married to Bill Sorensen the television producer. They live in Bronxville and have a daughter named Caroline and a son named Charlie.

When Alex was 37 she joined a rock band that some of her friends were putting together. The group was made up of Alex Witt, Christie Moran, Pam DeJager, and Lisa Cibelli. They called their group Mrs. Robinson. When Alex was asked why she decided to join the band she said that she loved the fact that being in a rock band defied the stereotype of what the typical Bronxville mother was supposed to be doing. She further stated that it was an excellent release that allowed her to escape from the reality of work life and home life for a short period of time in a way that did not damage either of her other lives.

Lawsuit and Scandal

According to a lawsuit filed by a friend of Alex Witts in 2009 Alex had allegedly been in financial straits during December of 2009 because her contract was up for renewal and her husband was currently not working. Alex was reported to have borrowed $65,000 from her friend Mrs. Jones. The loan allegedly had terms for Alex to repay the full amount plus a 7.5 interest rate. Alex reportedly agreed to repay the loan at a rate of $500 per month. At the time the lawsuit was filed Mrs. Jones alleges that Alex had failed to make the installments as agreed and yet she was spending money lavishly on new cars and expensive vacations.

Alex is reported to have responded to Mrs. Jones accusations by saying that her husband had briefly returned to work and that was when she got the Porsche, but since her husband is again without employment she has had to get rid of the car.

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