Kirsten Powers

Published : Aug 11 2015 | Modified : Oct 13 2016

Kristen Powers, is an American cognoscenti in the field of politics. She gained wide recognition and knowledge at the beginning of her career, while working for the Democratic Part as a staff assistant at the side of the Clinton-Gore presidential transition team in 1992. During her following successful career, she has writen a column for The American Prospect and has published a number of popular articles the Wall Street Journal, Elle, Salon, New York Observer and USA Today.

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Quick facts

Marital Status Married
Boyfriend Anthony Weiner (ex)
Profession Political Analyst
Husband Dr. Marty Makary
Salary Not revealed
Date of Birth Born in the year 1969
Nationality American
Employer Fox News
Alma Mater University of Maryland
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Ethnicity Irish
Children Not Yet
Net Worth N/A
Birth Sign Capricorn
Birth Place Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
Marriage Date January 2010
Divorced Date 2013
T.V. Show(s) The Five
Partner Robert Draper

Born in year 1969 and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Kirsten Powers studied at the University of Maryland and after graduating from there, she attended Law School in Georgetown University for one year and a half. She grew up as an Episcopalian but spent most of her adult life as a non-believer, saying that everyone was equal before God. At her mid 30s, after dating a man who introduced her to the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and the teachings of its pastor, Tim Keller, Kristen became became an evangelical Christian. Being an evangelical or orthodox (as she prefers herself to be called as), Christianity is a new change to her that she is still surprised about. And since she has sent most of her life deling with politics, it was innevitable that her new-found faith would affect that aspect of her life as well. Specifically, she has said that through Christianity, she came to "view everyone as God's child and that God offers the gift of salvation." As for her more personal life and affairs, she is known to have been dating Congressman Anthony Weiner in the year 2002 for a short period. Their relationship however ended somewhat early along the way. Fortunately, the parted as good friends. A few years later she married Dr. Marty Makary, specifically in the year 2010. He is a professor at the Department of Public Health of Johns Hopkins University. 3 years later, in 2013 the couple filed for a divorce though the reason was kept a secret from the media and the public. Their private lives in general remained as such hence there was not much information to disclose concerning that aspect of her life.


Powers has served in the Clinton Administration from the year 1993 to 1998 in the post of Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public Affairs and also held the post of Vice President at the International Communications Department of America Online. She served for a brief period as Vice President at AOL-Time Warner Foundation, after the the AOL merged with Time Warner. She was also the press secretary for the Democratic National Committee chair race involving Donnie Fowler and, additionally the election campaign of Andrew Cuomo for the Governor post not to mention her services as the communications director in the mayoral campaign involving C. Virginia Fields. After that many successes, the American political pundit found herself consulting for a variety of organizations numerous times, such as 'Human Rights First' and the National Council for Research on Women - more commonly known as the NCRW. All those years of a successful career led Kirsten in 2015 to author her first book, The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech. In that book she blasts the Left's forced march towards conformity in an exposé of the illiberal war on free speech. Powers asks "What ever happened to free speech in America?"

Her net worth and salary are not known to the public yet.

Journalist Work

She writes columns for the Daily Beast and USA Today on varied topics including faith, human rights, and politics. She also served as a political analyst for the Fox News and dids shows including Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News Sunday and the O’Reilly Factor. After a decade of working as a Fox News contributor, she moved to CNN as a political analyst. Her first appearence was on "Anderson Cooper 360". What is worth mentioning at this point, is that Powers was the fourth Fox personality hired by CNN in the past couple of years. More interestingly, her departure came a few weeks after Fox News CEO and founder Roger Ailes was forced to resign due to accusations of sexual harassment.

Political Influence

Kirsten Powers as a political pundit and analyst has strong beliefs on certain issues. She supports matters that she thinks of as resulting in the greater good and strongly opposes those that she considers to have an adverse effect for humanity as a whole. For instance she supported issues like the Obama health care reforms, immigration reforms, gun control, and equal rights for gay community. On the other hand she opposes the amendment on flag burning, death penalty, the Fairness Doctrine, and the Iraq War. She is equally against abortions done electively during late term. However let's keep in mind that concerning the Obama health care reforms, she later became more sceptical of its implementation saying: "A lot of people who have really been screwed over by the law and are left without insurance or with extremely expensive insurance", and agreeing with a Ron Fournier headline in National Journal that read "Why I'm getting tired of defending Obamacare."

Kirsten Powers has also been actively involved in the ‘Vote No on 3’ campaign that led to the ballot initiative put forward by the Mayor Michael Bloomberg to oust party primary members.

Her social profiles are highly active. From there her fans can learn all about her everyday-life news and interests, her views on new and hot topics, not to mention her two cute little dogs, Ellie and Bill, who she always finds the time to photograph in funny poses.

Judging by her active career and young highly productive age, Kirsten Powers is a hard-to-find professional who still has a lot to offer in her respective field.

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