Finding Fagerstrom
American late night comedian, Conan O'Brien, travelled to Finland in 2006 and while on a mission to surprise fans by visiting them in their homes, he couldn't resist laughing when he noted the name on a random apartment door, "Forss Fagerstrom." No doubt heavily jet-lagged and in need of some sleep, Conan had quite a good time, trying to get Mr. Fagerstrom to open his door by ringing his doorbell and calling out to him repeatedly, "Fagerstrom! Fagerstrom! I know you're in there!" When Conan's efforts inside the apartment building proved fruitless, he took to the street yelling for "FAGERSTROM!" Fagerstrom, either hiding in his apartment and scared by the big red-headed comedian yelling for him, or simply not at home, never surfaced, but the name became a running joke on O'Brien's show for a long time.
Published : Jan 14 2017
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