"From Wow to Pow Full Coverage Makeup Tutorial

The video begins with a bare faced model who goes step by step from the bare face to full on make up. She begins with washing and prepping her face for the makeup. After a clean face she applies the primer and foundation. The foundation is a full coverage makeup. Then a conceler is applied to diminish the dark circles and areas that you want to highlight. The eyebrows are then groomed after prepping the eye area to receive the eyeshadow she applies the eyeshadows layer by layer building up the color. Once the eyeshadow is applied she then goes in with the eyeliner. the eyelashes are added to make the eyes pop. The makeup is then set after the set the blush is added to the cheeks. The highlighter is then applied again. The final step are the lips. A soft lip is done to balance out the entense eye.

Published : Jan 14 2017
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