"Rhett Loses His Mind while Link Tries to Get His Back"

In this Good Mythical More--the "after show" of the YouTube sensation "Good Mythical Morning" by YouTube stars and childhood best friends Rhett and Link--Rhett becomes increasingly excited (if not insane) as he defies probability and consistently and correctly guesses celebrities' blood types, hence earning him the self-proclaimed title of "Blood Genius." Watching this giant 6'7" man leap out of his chair and practically bounce off the walls of the set would be entertaining in and of itself, but Link's contribution (or lack thereof) helps to truly seal the deal of the laugh-out-loud appeal of this video. Link, who is squeamish at the sight of blood, spends the entire episode completely out of it and lightheaded, resulting in adorable giggling fits and him musing quietly about desiring naps, orange juice, and peace and quiet (such that he plugs his ear when Rhett becomes too excitable for his oxygen-deprived mind to handle). His accidental-straight man act pairs perfectly with Rhett's childlike exuberance. Though not the content that is usually highly viewed on their channels, such as the Will-It series, this episode is sure to put a smile on your face and give you an appreciation for the pair's 32-year friendship.
Published : Jan 14 2017