4 questions that will bring you closer to your child

All mothers are busy nowadays and of course the children get busier and busier as well. Time for hugs and quality time shrinks by the day but there is still some good news for you! You can make all those moments that you have left with your beloved child much more beneficial. It is actually a fact that it’s very interesting to discuss with kids at the age of 7 to 10 because you always find out that they have so many things to tell you and all with their own beautiful way. All you need is some time and the right questions!

It is crucial to be able every day to open a conversation with your child, showing that you’re there – physically and emotionally – and making actual contact.

So here are the 4 questions that can bring you closer to your child and build a healthy loving relationship based on mutual trust.

1. How is your life?

This is a question that you can ask your child despite the age.  When it’s a kid, you may get some funny answers, like “purple”. Later you’ll get just a “it’s ok”. But as your kid grows older you will get the chance to ask for more when for instance the answer you get to the first question is “not that good”. And that’s how you can start a deep conversation with your child. And if you still get the “it’s ok” answer then don’t push things. At least you let your kid know that you’re there whenever you’re needed.

2. So…do you have anything exciting going on these days?

With that question you get two birds with one stone. First, you understand what is really exciting for your child, what matters and how you can share this excitement. Second, you ensure that you won’t miss any events that your child might be planning with school or friends where you will possibly have to participate in. In any case, children love to know that their parents care for what they consider important.

3. How are your friends?

Sometimes, you can ask for specific friends. For instance you can ask for a friend that you know of and is currently in any kind of trouble. You’d be surprised by how willing child is to talk about its friends and not itself.

4. Do you need help with anything?

This is probably the most important question that you can ask your child, because it shows with the most crystal clear way that your there. Sometimes kids are, especially the older ones, are having a hard time asking for help from their parents – not for small issues but for important stuff. There will also be times that your kid will say “No, I’m fine; don’t need help with anything). But some other times your child may have difficulties with homework, and you’ll make clear that you are there. In any case your kid will slowly turn to its parents for many issues, other more and other less important.

Gradually, with the questions above, your kid will get used to opening up more and more thus feeling pretty close to you even though you won’t have that much time. So what are you still waiting for? Try those questions and see for you self!

Published : Oct 9 2015
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