4 Reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9

Just like Andy Williams very successfully sang a few decades ago, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’! No, it’s not Christmas if that’s what you’re thinking. It is though that exciting time of the year when Samsung releases its new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S9. Inevitably – as it happens with all devices but even more so with those that are a bit costlier – people start debating about whether they should buy the latest addition to the Galaxy family or pass.

There’s no definite answer to that debate. It is however worth exploring all of your options as well as the reasons that drive you in any case. And since we’ve already seen 4 Reasons NOT to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9, let’s now dive in head-first on 4 Reasons why you SHOULD BUY IT.

It’s an investment

As it happens with every substantial purchase you make, you always want to see the impact of your decision deep into the future. Is the price of what you’re buying going to be steady long enough for you not to lose several hundreds of dollars? Is the product you’re buying now going to be easy to sell in the future?

Truth be told, smartphones are extensions of our hands nowadays and whether you’re a simple ‘scrolling through the newsfeed’ type of user, a hardcore gamer or a professional multitasker, the world is filled with countless smartphone makers and models that are tailored for every need you can think off; and at every possible combination of value for money, for that matter. So, it only makes sense that you might take the S9 with the regular grain of salt, because of its higher price. Same as with every handset on the same top-tier category.

Yet, go a few lines back to those question above. You might be surprised to find out that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is on of the handful of devices that can be viewed as an investment. Not only does it do everything you’d want your smartphone to do, but it will also be easy to sell it as a second-hand device in the future.

In addition, keep in mind that the latest reports point to a life extension to the upgrade-cycle; that’s the amount of time that the average user takes to upgrade their device to something newer. Currently that cycle is hovering a bit above 2 and a half years. Consequently, you want to make sure that what you’re buying today will be in-fashion 2-3 years from now. If the S9 is not suitable for that, then I don’t which device is.

Best-performing Android Device

That’s probably one of the most self-explanatory reasons. Having scored a staggering 251,205 on Antutu 7 this handset is clearly right up there with the big dogs. And combining that score with Samsung’s award-winning UI and security features the result is clearly the best Android device currently on the market.

Is there room for debating this one? Well, not really. One could probably argue that Google’s Pixel 2XL is more user-friendly, more good-looking or even that it comes with more features at hand. But when we’re talking about raw processing power, the numbers are as accurate as it gets; they never lie.

Now, this may not strike as a valid reason for all kinds of users. After all, you probably don’t need the best device in terms of performance to browse the latest news or open Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. But you definitely want the best performing device to edit your favourite videos or play the latest and most demanding MOBA game that rolled out recently on the Play Store.

Great Camera with Super Slow-Motion feature

The Samsung Galaxy S9 may not have the best camera out there. That’s not where we’re going with that. It is arguably though one of the best cameras found on the top-range category. The technology behind that camera is hardly the same with the camera structure seen in Sony’s XZ Premium model.

And at the same time, the Korean smartphone maker has added the ‘Super Slo-Mo’ which essentially allows to the device to record video at 920 fps, which is 32 times slower than all other rivals out there.  

More specifically, Samsung posted on its newsroom blog:

“Able to record at 960fps, it’s 32x slower than normal video. When using Super Slow-mo, the camera captures 0.2 seconds of action and stretches it out to approximately 6 seconds to produce a ?nal GIF ?le that typically ranges from 3-15MBs. The standout feature is that the sensor automatically detects movement and captures it as it’s happening, so there is no need to worry about manual settings. Users can select either a Single-take with one Super Slow-mo capture or do a Multi-take with up to 20 Super Slow-mo segments.”

Bottom line, the photos taken with this handset may not be revolutionary, but they’re definitely more than exciting. And combined with the slo-mo feature, you’ve got a pretty solid reason to buy the S9. If anything, you can laugh for hours with your friends’ goofy accidents, especially when you extend them from a few seconds to several minutes!

Best screen Android device

The screen part was deliberately left for last, on the grounds that it can be debated up to a certain extent, after which it becomes subjective for the most part.

For what it’s worth however, let’s assume for a minute that it can either be the best for everyone, or not.

DisplayMate, a platform that specialized in testing screen quality across smartphones, TVs and a number of other electronic devices that come with screen, recently awarded the S9 with the best screen award. The website itself writes: “The Galaxy S9 has the latest dual-edge curved screen Flexible OLEDs, which are developed and manufactured by Samsung Display, and were first introduced for the Galaxy Note4 Edge in 2014. Every new OLED generation has provided significant enhancements and improvements.” The site also continues in dubbing the S9’s screen as record-setting impressive display.

Many blogs have already taken it a step further and have clearly – and boldly if I may add – stated that the S9’s display is even better than the iPhone X. Personal opinions aside, hard facts tend to bolster that claim, but let’s not go there.

To conclude, we’ve got an investment-oriented purchase, the best results in performance tests, a kickass camera and an award-winning display. Those are the 4 main reasons to get Samsung’s new Galaxy S9.

What’s your opinion on the new flagship? Do you have any more reasons in mind either for or against making the purchase? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Published : May 3 2018