5 celebrities that have angry management issues

Our beloved stars may always look calm in their movie interviews or their public appearances but the truth is that there are many times that they fail to control their anger. Care to know who are some of those celebrities?

Christian Bale

Christian Bale doesn’t seem to know where to stop. He is either too calm and relaxed or too angry. He may rarely get angry of course, but when that happens it’s certain that everyone around him will notice. During the making of the movie “Terminator Salvation”, Christian fought with the director who actually did nothing to irritate him. Obviously Bale thought that the director was wondering around too much so he decided to flip and started yelling at him and threatening that he would hit him. Everybody seemed shocked except from Christian’s manager who apparently knows him better than the others.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is more temperamental than you’d ever think! He might look relaxed and wise on screen but in his real life he is surprisingly different. The famous actor is not only a misogynist, racist and homophobic but he has also been and alcoholic.

And beside all the above, Mel has threatened to burn his wife’s house in the past, he has spit on his stepmother and the list goes on and on. When you get to meet him, he is definitely not what women would want since he loses his temper quicker that he loses his hair! Of course he remains a great and talented actor and we thank him for that.

Alec Baldwin

In general, when someone sees Alec Baldwin, one figures that he is a cool guy with a great sense of humour. But the truth is that the actor is not going well with the paparazzi and it seems that he hates reporters. One of the most hard to forget examples is an incident where Alec grabbed a journalist of New York Post and wished her to die. And don’t think that this anger has to do only with journalists. There is a bunch of many other reported incidents that include Alec’s wrath towards his family and friends. He has even called his daughter a mindless pig.

Russel Crowe

Russel Crowe has his outbursts of anger every now and then despite the fact that he seems calm. Once, while waiting at some hotel in New York, he wanted to make a phone call and because he didn’t like the employer’s attitude, he threw the phone at his face! Russel Crowe has also been arrested for gun possession while he avoids giving interviews now, after the many times that he has talked bad to reporters.

Chris Brown

Rihanna’s picture after the savage beating that her – at the time – boyfriend gave her is definitely a good proof and a reminder of Chris’s temperament. The famous singer beat in the car Rihanna and the two of them were at the courts for a long time. A hard way to find out that your boyfriend has anger management issues, don’t you think?

Published : Oct 9 2015