6 Things you didn't know about Hugh Hefner

You may not know him by his name but whether you are a man, a woman or a teenager you have definitely heard about his magazine before, the Playboy. His name is Hugh Hefner and he is the founder and chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises. He is also a World War II veteran and a former journalist for Esquire but while those sound like some incredible stories, they are not relevant to this one, so we will leave that for another time.

For now, we present to you 6 things that you didn’t know about this guy, as they are revealed in Holly Madison’s book titled “Down the Rabbit Hole”. Holly Madison has a been a Playboy bunny and one of Hefner’s girls from 2003 to 2009, and in her book, she reveals some of the worst moments that she lived next to the publisher of one of the most popular magazines worldwide.

Hefner responds to Holly’s book by supporting that he has met many women in his life. Some of them were amazing and even though they carried on with their lives, they remained good friends. Unfortunately, other decided to write their own story in order to get at the centre of attention and attract the spotlights.

Here are the 6 things that Holly Madison talks about in her book:

1.    All the “rabbits” of the Playboy had to participate in intercourses with Hefner. She also mentions that she didn’t get that right away.

2.    Hugh Hefner used to photograph every night the “rabbits” and then he’d show them the pictures next morning. According to Madison the pictures increased the tension that the girls already had about being perfect on the outside.

3.    The first night that they Holly and Hugh went together to a club, Hugh offered her a “Quaalude” pill. When Madison replied that she doesn’t do drugs, Hefner replied: “Usually I don’t allow drugs too, but back in the 70s they used to say that those pills spread the legs”.

4.    One of the weirdest rules that applied at the Playboy manor, was that all the girls had to wear the same pjs before going to bed.

5.    Hugh Hefner used to smoke pot, watch porn and masturbate while the girls had to have sex with each other and all the guests, in case there were any. According to Madison’s experiences, the girls satisfied Hefner, but he’d always finish off on his own. Her first intercourse with him was so short that Holly mentions she doesn’t remember anything except the feeling of a body on top of hers.

6.    When Hugh’s sons visited the manor, the 9yearold Marston and the 10yearold Cooper used to stay in “Bedroom 3” where there were 3 beds and a bathroom. Even though the two boys never spent the whole time in the mansion while Madison was there, she could see their toys on the floor.

Speaking of Hugh’s kids, it must have been interesting growing up as one of the Playboy’s owner child. Definitely a story worth listening! As for Holly Madison, whether or not what she says is true or she is just trying to get some attention - as Hugh responded – no one can tell for sure. Still though, the “Down the Rabbit Hole” must be a very interesting book.

Published : Oct 9 2015