8 year old boy is a hero

Bullying is one today society’s most common issues and there have been countless efforts and campaigns against this dehumanizing act by non-profitable organizations and other relevant communities.

Christian McPhilamy Hair CutPeople try to reduce bullying incidents by showing to the world how wrong, mean and harmful for everyone bullying truly is. But as you’re about to read, an 8 year old boy showed the world that all you need to prove your point against bullying, is to set a higher goal, one that is worth going against bullying.

This story is about Christian McPhilamy, an 8 year old boy in Florida who taught us all a life lesson. You see, Christian decided 2 years ago – at the age of six – to grow his hair as long as possible and then donate it to an organization that helps kids who have cancer and have lost their hair.

For two and a half years the young hero refused to cut his hair and stayed focused on his goal. He came across many obstacles. There were countless incidents where Christian got bullied due to his hair and his girly look. Most children would have given up. In fact to be honest, most children wouldn’t have even considered to do something like that because they are children. But Christian chose to ignore all those bullying acts since he knew he was doing the right thing.

Kids in his school teased him, most of them thought he was a girl the first time they saw him. Even adults told him that it would be much better to cut his hair. Of course once they heard his story they‘d all congratulate him and show full support to his goal.

Christian McPhilamy stated that he felt kind of bad when other kids picked on him but he never even thought about giving up on what he wanted to do.

So, two years later – two and a half to be exact – the 8 year old boy who turned out to be a hero, finally cut his hair and donated four tufts to the said organization so that they could make wigs for children who have cancer and have lost their hair.

It was a noble act by a young hero who did what even adults hesitate to do. One of the most rich, needed and valuable donations that could be done.

But most important thing is, Christian McPhilamy, by standing determined and focused even after all the trouble that he went through, he gave us a life lesson. He showed us that all you have to do to disarm bullying is set a higher goal. Suddenly you’ll see that you have something worth fighting for. You’ll get a reason to move on and not be pushed down by bullies.

This lesson is not just for kids at school – were bullying is at its best – but also for grownups who one way or another get bullied in different forms. Remember, just stay focused to what matters the most!

Published : Jun 6 2015