A modern Cinderella story in Sweden

What we call modern fairy tales are stories that happened recently in real life and remind us a lot of stories that we read in children books. Such stories rarely happen, but when they it is always exciting to learn about it. And especially when the central characters of the story are modern kings and queens, things get much more exciting! As you are about to read, a modern story that reminds us of Cinderella happened recently in “The Sweden Kingdom”.

Prince Carl Philipp of Sweden, and third in line of succession, married his chosen Sophia Sofia Hellqvist. Sofia is an ex topless model, ex waitress, ex yoga instructor and has also been a TV reality show contestant. Interesting, isn’t it? And it get more interesting as you go!

The 36yearold prince met the 30yearold Sofia in 2010, at a restaurant and the details of their relationship along with the past of the bride, fed those last 5 years the Swedish media. Despite the decrease of popularity that the royal family suffered, the couple kept attracting the spotlights and thousands of people gathered in the streets around the palace yesterday, (Saturday, 13th of June) holding Swedish flags to attend the royal wedding ceremony that took place at a chapel nearby.

Sofia Hellqvist answered to the media that she has left her past behind mentioning though that she has no regrets for any of her actions and that her choices made her what she is today. More particularly she stated: “For me it’s pretty boring, it happened ten years ago and I moved on with my life. But no regrets. All experiences build a person, although I wouldn’t do it now if you asked me.”

There were also some interesting rumours about the royal family not going well with Sofia due to her past, and as a reaction to those rumours, the palace emphasized her charity action and more specifically her action to the Project Playground organization where she has been cofounder since 2010. There, Sofia spends time and energy working for the care of kids in South Africa and offers herself voluntarily to aid African countries.

So, the palace has nothing against Sofia. But still it seems pretty interesting to learn more about her past, doesn’t it? Well, we did that for you and we found some interesting stuff.

 Sofia Kristina Hellqvist was born in Taby with a Swedish mother and a Danish father. Her first job as a model was at the early age of 20 and later that year she was voted Miss Slitz 2004. During an interview of the couple, Sofia said about her meeting with the royal family: “It has been speculated that I wasn’t embraced by the family but it was the opposite. I felt welcome from day one and nothing else”. They also talked about the day Carl proposed, which was June 27th 2014 and referred to that morning as the most romantic morning of their lives as a couple so far.

We sure wish to the couple to have a happy and exciting life, and inspire more couples to live and become modern stories that we have only read in books so far.

Published : Oct 9 2015