Alexis Bellino

Alexis Bellino is a Caucasian ethnicity of American Nationality. She was born in Missouri in the place called Hannibal. She was born in the year 1977. Her exact date of birth is not know which means that her really age is not confirmed.  

She is an actress, she had taken the industry by storm and she gained the fame when she acted in the famous TV show called The Real Housewives of Orange County. She is living in the enclave home near New Port Coast in California together with her husband Jim Bellino who is 47 years old. She is a businessman and entrepreneur who live in Newport Beach. Jim and Alexis have three children. Before, her husband was Jeff Barry and they have problems in their marriage and decided to divorce in 2003. She got married to Jim Afterwards. She does not have any record about having any other divorce. Together with Jim, they have three children and they have 3 daughters called Mackenna and Melania together with a son called James Bellino.

Her net worth is now over 500 dollars thousand and it continues to increase. She is known to pride herself to be the best mother and wife but when she has a free time she works out so that she can continue to look and to feel her best. She likes to keep up with her appearance and she takes at least three hours per day to make herself pretty. She likes to workout, manicures, tanning and waxing. Alexis Bellino believes in the patriarchal households and she is the one who manages everything in their homes. She likes to change the diapers and she manages the household chores together with the help of a housekeeper and two nannies.  However at the end of the day, she always greets Jim with a romantic gourmet dinner at the table. She is the steadfast in the belief she has with the marriage to Jim and her marriage is the number one priority.

However, Alexis Bellino  is not that pushover and she is super protective and feisty bear, she is the animal known in marking her territory well through peeing and she does not have any shifting and confrontation with anyone but when someone crosses her family.

Alexis Bellino is 45.54kg as her weight. When it comes to her beautiful slim figure, she is known that she was suffering from the eating disorder and she retained the stable but fluctuating weight which is 118 pounds to 122. She is also a savvy businesswoman and also a fashionista.  She is the designer for her clothing label called Alexis Couture. She had also launched the licensed fashion venture as a designer. Some of her information can be found on wiki.

Published : Jan 23 2016