Animal Besties Loving Life and Showing Off

This adorable and amusing video compilation includes various animal friends showing us their special talents, or just being the best of friends. This video shows both wild and domestic animals enjoying life, pranking one another, and refusing to give up in the case of adversity. A fat fuzzy cat will try anything to get through a glass sliding while a sparrow is determined to eat a slice of watermelon 5 times her size. The different sets of animal friends run the gauntlet from two apes taking a walk and carrying their booty to a cat eating from her food bowl while her best friend the mouse eats in the other bowl. Two pit bulls show off their talents in a kiddie pool, a ferret gives us a show with her kickball abilities, and a cat and horse have a dance routine. These are just a few examples of these precious, and very special, creatures exhibiting the endearing qualities found in the animal kingdom. A pet deer and her dog friend run and chase each other through a yard, a fuzzy bear waves to tourists, while a dog and cat duo have a wrestling match before falling asleep together. A flock of chickens play keep-away with their young human caretaker, and the chickens appear to be winning handily. We are even graced with the appearance of a toad who loves his back and head scratched by his human pal. These animals are clearly exhibiting love, joy, and happiness along with a well-defined sense of mischief.

Published : Jan 10 2017
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