Apple's 2018 iPhones could have a new kind of LCD screen to target a lower price starting point

Apple is undoubtedly a leader in the smartphone industry. Owning a large market share on every country around the world – except India and China for now at least – the Cupertino giant has been delivering premium smartphones since day one and has proven that it knows how to shape the future.

10 years since the first iPhone generation and the big apple is still trying to push the limits. Of course, that doesn’t always result in skyrocketing sales. There are numerous products that the company shot behind the bush due to poor sales or public outcry. But that’s all the more reason to rush back to the labs and come back with something more innovative that will make up for the previous loss. As they say, if get knocked down 7 times, get up 8! Well ok, I just said that, but you get the point.

The most accurate example of Apple’s innovative and tech-oriented spirit is the iPhone X, a smartphone that literally introduced several new features and created trends that we hadn’t seen before. On the downside however, the price got out of control, even for a device that comes with Apple’s signature and is touted as the best smartphone in the market.

It seems that the iPhone maker took its lesson and is considering alternatives to present in the next generation. And as it happens every now and then, rumours have surfaced concerning its visions so far, including an upcoming 6-inch or 6.1-inch phone that will look like this year’s ‘anniversary edition’ model but will house a cheaper LCD screen instead. What’s more interested, is that it’s not just any LCD screen that the rumour puts on the 2018 iPhone model. It’s the MLCD+ display that LG uses for its G7 ThinQ smartphone.

The news came firstly from Business Korea, which cited its supply-chain sources:

“According to the smartphone industry on May 9, Apple is expected to load its next 6.1-inch iPhone model with an MLCD+ display which LG used in its G7 ThinQ smartphone. The MLCD+ display realizes a bright screen with less power consumption than the IPS LCD display. LG named the display of the G7 ThinQ “Super Bright Display.” Its color reproduction rate is 100% on the DCI-P3 basis which expresses delicate colors close to nature even on bright screens. At the same brightness, the G7 ThinQ consumes 30% less power compared to the previous G6 model loaded with an LCD display.”

So far, most previous iPhone models were released with an LCD screen which was also manufactured by LG. In general, Apple trusts different suppliers worldwide for its screens. Samsung for instance made all OLED displays found on the iPhone X, but LG and Japan Display Inc. are known to provide the screens for the majority of iPhone and iPod Touch models.

The reason that this is different, is because it won’t be just a display manufactured by LG and used solely on iPhones. It will rather be a screen that the Korean tech company has already used for one of its latest flagships. This will allow direct comparison between the two models and it also indicates that Apple is willing to trade off quality of a certain aspect of its smartphone, for a lower price.

Making the iPhone available at a lower price starting point is an old demand that consumers have. But at the same time, Apple’s fanbase is quite hard to please, so we hope that this exchange will please the audience and keep the brand’s premium quality. Otherwise the Cupertino giant could face some serious judgement.

In any case, rumours will spread again soon so stay tuned to catch up with all the latest new on Technology!

Published : May 24 2018