Assassin’s Creed Odyssey hands on review

Having ten renowned – for the most part – ancestors in its family tree, ‘Assassin's Creed Odyssey’ is

a video game destined for long lasting success. Improved breath-taking graphics, out-of-this world

combats and a flawless gameplay, all add to an extraordinary game. To put it in GamesRadar+’s

words, Odyssey has it all.

After setting up the basic parameters to immerse into the game’s world, we’re taken to

Thermopylae a place in Greece where a narrow coastal passage existed in in the ancient years, when

it was thought to be the cavernous entrances to Hades. There, we see Leonidas turning from king of

Sparta, to a world legend.

The graphics are more realistic than ever, characters’ faces look unbelievably vivid and the battle fills

the player with adrenaline. After the introductory cinematics, we get to the first and biggest

innovation of the title: choosing a character. The player gets to choose between two siblings. Alexios

and Cassandra, changing not only outside traits and looks but also character traits, thus changing the

entire plot that is to follow!

After opting to begin with Alexios, we were transferred to Cephalonia. The details of the maps are

truly plausible. From locations and historic monuments to missions that asked us to fetch wood from

mount Ainos, with the famous Black Fir forest. Everything shows that Ubisoft has invested loads and

loads of hard work into this title.

In addition, all conversation that occurs in ancient Greek is correct from one end to another, while

the main characters of the story use the most famous modern Greek word that everyone who can

point the country on a map has heard at least one; ‘malakas’. What’s more interesting is that even

the side characters, speak in English but seem to be stuck with a Greek accent, something you may

find even today, 2500 years after the events of the title. Even though that detail ads to hard work

and realistic outcome, it can get a tad tiring to listen to such bad accents for so long time.

Having said all the good things, we also ought to mention some of the other details we noticed, that

are not necessarily bad, but definitely should not go unmentioned. For one thing, Odyssey is more of

an RPG than a Stealth game, like the rest of the series, up until Origins. In this year’s title, you can do

a plethora of things, but you’re not an Assassin. Also, there’s no reference to the eternal battle

between Assassins and Templars. Of course, the story is set long before either of the orders was

born, but it would be good to have a slight hint. One more thing that kind of bumped us out is that

nearly nothing happens outside the Animus and Abstergo’s Entertainment history is nowhere to be


Again, all those things are not necessarily downsides. At least not for generic gamers or newcomers

who haven’t grown up with the hype of every new Assassin’s Creed coming out every now and then.

But for anyone who’s a hardcore and loyal fan of the series, like us, having a title that is less Creed

seems like a pity. That doesn’t mean that we won’t play till the end with the same amount of

excitement, of course. After all, don’t forget: “Nothing is true, Everything is permitted”!

Published : Oct 22 2018
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