Athlete Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner and brought down Twitter

Sex reassignment surgeries are becoming more usual nowadays and every time someone talks about it or goes under such a surgery, people get less and less surprised and start dealing with such news as if they are totally normal.

And the truth is that such surgeries may be ordinary and normal or may not. In those kind of subjects there is not necessarily wrong or right. So we can’t say with certainty whether or not sex reassignment surgeries should be acceptable or not. What we can say though is that, when such surgeries are done to people that we know (for instance famous people or celebrities) things get a lot more interesting!

So that is the case with Bruce Jenner, a famous athlete whose decision to become a woman came as an absolute surprise for all of us, since there were no indications from his personal life. 

Bruce Jenner is a successful athlete that gained popularity from pile, when he won the golden medal in the Olympics of 1976. At the same year he also made a world record in decathlon by gathering 8.616 points. The record was broken 4 years later by Daley Thompson.

At the time of the Olympics of 1976 Bruce used to train from 6 to 8 hours every day and that is verified by various footage of those old glory days.

At 1986 he managed to become a member of the Olympic Hall of Fame of the USA. Then, during the 80’s Jenner remained famous doing commercials for cereals, Wheaties and playing in the movies “Can’t stop the music” and “Gramblig’s White Tiger” while he also made guest appearances in TV shows such as “CHiPs”, “Murder She Wrote”, “Donald Duck’s 50th Birthday” and “Celebrity Double Dare”.

What’s more surprising is that the Olympic athlete who has been a sex symbol, used for many half naked photoshoots, got married three times. First with Chrystie Crwonover in 1972 and got divorced in 1981. The second time he married Linda Thompson and they stayed married until 1986 when they got a divorce. And the third time was with Kris Jenner in 1991. They remained married the longest – comparing to his 2 previous wives – as they got divorced in 2014.

So none of the information above – neither any other information – about Bruce Jenner’s personal life give away such a secret. That is why it came as a great surprise to hear that in February of 2015, Bruce announced his decision to become a woman at the age of 65. The information was published by the People magazine. His friends and family confirmed the rumors and a person close to him stated: “Bruce is finally happy and his family accepts his decision. He is in a very good mood and believes that it’s the best time to make this change in his life”.

So once Caitlyn Jenner came to life, she broke the Twitter record of most followers by getting 1 million in only 4 hours! All it took was just 2 tweets and suddenly  Caitlyn became the most hot subject on Twitter gaining once again the popularity that the talented and unique Bruce Jenner had as an Olympic – gold medal awarded – athlete.

Published : Oct 1 2015