Batman Arkham Knight: The PC edition is being withdrawn

It is rare for a company to find itself in such a humiliating position that is has to seize the release of a title because it is problematic. But as much as it hurts to say it, this is still what happened a few days ago with the game “Batman Arkham Knight” that was withdrawn from the computers market. The specific edition has not been developed by Rocksteady – the creative team that signs the PlayStation4 and Xbox One editions – but by another external collaborator that has not been officially named (though we have heard in the past few days some named such as Iron Galaxy and High Voltage. Yet none of those names has been officially confirmed). But despite the company, the result remains the same: the new Batman developed for PC platforms has so many technical issues that 6,000 and more PC games, who are all extremely angry and disappointed right now, have named the game with some of the most hideous names both on Steam and the world known reviews portal “Metacritic”. Warner, being unable yet to release a patch that would fix the problems, preferred to withdraw the title completely. The technical issued mentioned above, vary from the desperately slow screen refresh rate (bellow 10 fps) to the more general instability to the smooth movement of all that’s happening. And that happens even when the game is run to the strongest of computers. It is obviously a scrappy work that no one seem to have taken the time to check out. No other obvious explanation can be given neither by us nor the thousands of angry gamers who never got what they so eagerly expected. The game edition for PS4 got very high reviews and exhibits some of the coolest graphic capabilities on PS4.

Batman Arkham Knight might be the most recent one from all the Batman series but it is under no circumstances the only example of a title that got released (and met great success) for all the other platforms except computers. And if you’ve done your homework on this subject then you must have already thought of the Assassin’s Creed Unity, that came out last November, while the Watch Dogs (May) and the Titanfall (March) required multiple patches to be fully fixed.

And there are other times that some titles don’t have that many technical issues but comparing to other platforms, the requirements for those title to be played on a computer are very higher. Now this might be a good time to remind you about Steam’s return games policy according to which you can buy a game, try it out for a short period of time (2 hours) and if you don’t like it, you can cancel the purchase and take a full refund. Wonder, what would happen if they did that for a few days – instead of a few hours – the next time a new title is released for PCs?

Published : Oct 9 2015