Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner: They officially announced they're getting divorced

The truth is that, a lot of time had gone by with nothing serious or worth mentioning (like scandals, interesting pregnancies, etc) happening in the showbiz. But it is a public belief that, the showbiz is loved by most people because everything happens suddenly and catches (almost) everyone off-guard.

That seems to be the case with the confirmation of the rumours that wanted Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner being one step away from taking a divorce. The two of them were married for 10 years and what’s more interesting is that they had their 10th anniversary on Monday, and given the very little time that passed until they confirmed the rumours, we think it is accurate to conclude that things were bad for a long time.

The truth is that over the years, there were some times that the spotlight was attracted by the couple’s intense married that – to be honest – they both seem to have worked on.

In fact, during an interview last year, Jennifer stated: "You can't expect to be courted all the time, and I don't want to court him right now – I don't have the energy! But we're definitely in a very mindful place where we're making an effort to be together, do things at the same time, and be loving."

Ben on the other hand, has mentioned multiple times how his wife stood by his side and helped him stabilize his life after his split with Jennifer Lopez. To quote his words: "Getting to know her, falling in love with her and being connected with her gave me a foundation to reach out and say, 'Okay, I'm going to do Hollywoodland. I'm going to direct Gone Baby Gone’. Those were the steps forward I needed to put positive stuff on the board."

Ben and Jennifer are 43 and 42 years old and the two of them have made three beautiful children: Violet (9 years old), Seraphina (6 years old) and Samuel (3 years old). They are both very good parents and knowing that this situation could affect in a harmful way their very young children, Affleck decided to stay on their property but on a different building. That is according to a trust worthy source which also mentions that "they grew apart. They were great parents together but they were not always on the same page."

Now that the rumours have been confirmed and more things are coming to the surface, we also learned that the divorce was not a sudden decision that came as a reaction to a few unfortunate fights. On the contrary, the couple struggled to keep things held together. As a matter of fact they had been in therapy working on their marriage. They even tried to spend some trial time apart (10 months to be exact) during which time, Ben travelled from one hotel to another.

The fortune that the two of them now have to split is more than 150 million dollars. Of course that might not be the most serious one of their problems, but surely no one will be left complained.

Published : Oct 9 2015