Brad Pitt is Bisexual

Hollywood’s – and possibly even the world’s – best looking couple took a big hit from the scandal that the spotlights recently caught. Of course the said couple is Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The tabloid magazine Star published the scandal according to which, a fellow worker of the couple, Sham Ibrahim who has been around the couple for several years, stated: “I don’t want to determine Brad’s sexual preferences but whatever he is, he’s definitely into men”.

In fact, Sham supports that the world wide famous actor has been dating male erotic companions from the site He even mentioned that Cameron Fox (popular gay porn star) was one of the guys that brad picked from the site.

According to further info from Sham, the porn star confided in him that he went to visit Brad at a booked room at Monterey hotel. Brad was waiting in the room, took a close look at Cameron and then gave him $1000 and asked him to leave. It seems that Cameron was not as attractive as he looked online (to be fair, most people look better online).

So Brad is picky when it comes to male dates. We got that so far. He must pay attention to even the slightest detail. Sham added: “They say that he keeps a whole scenario in his mind for such cases”.

So it truly strikes as a shock but at least he is picky enough to restrain his personal life and not make a fuss about it out of nowhere. Before we jump to any conclusions let’s try and be open minded about this.

On the one hand, it is true that in today’s modern society sexuality is a personal matter and we can all understand and accept that it does not necessarily define one’s personality. And the better one accepts and embraces his nature the more of a healthy life one can expect to live.

On the other hand, celebrities are known for developing their own caprices. Sometimes it is because they finally got the chance to do things that they thought they’d never be able to do. Other times it’s just to attract the spotlights. No matter what, if Brad belongs in that category, it is a shame both for him and his loving family. If that is the case we can only hope that the kids take it as well as possible.

As for Angelina, she doesn’t seem to be so shocked. According to Sham, she is aware of the fact that her husband sleeps with guys but she is ok with it. That is probably because Jolie is also bisexual as she has stated in the past that she and Jenny Shimizu were a couple.

Bottom line is, Brad can be straight, or bisexual. Either way, he is still undoubtedly a great actor and a good father. But other than that no one can pretend not to be shocked by the fact that the ultimate male is into other guys. We’re not saying we love him less it will just take some time to get used to it. 

Published : May 28 2015
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