Choosing the Perfect Pet

Choosing the Perfect Pet for You and Your Family

As a child growing up in Mississippi, I cannot remember a time when we didn’t have a pet of some kind in our house! There we’re six children in our household counting myself, my four brothers and one sister. Our parents were very loving and wanted us to experience as much as possible, so they would always get us the pets we asked them for, no matter how bad of an idea it was!

I was the consummate dog lover. My older brother Gary loved reptiles, specifically snakes! My sister, of course loved cats and birds (some combination, right?). My father, a biology teacher at the time, loved insects and aquatic life. Pets that we owned at some point during my childhood included a snake, a tarantula, a parakeet, a cat, several dogs, a hamster, a turtle, a lizard, many fish, seahorses and a stingray.

Unfortunately our love for animals was not equally matched by our desire to properly care for these animals, which is probably why they did not last very long. The snake escaped somewhere in the house and was never seen again. The tarantula died after being fed insects killed with bug spray. That was pretty smart, right? The fish died what I imagine to be a horrible death in brown, smelly water. Was it supposed to be like that? The cat ate the parakeet. Okay, by now I’m sure you get the picture.

The point I want to make is that every pet is not for everybody. I still love dogs with all my heart. As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to purchasing one in the very near future. But now that I more clearly understand the responsibility it requires to properly care for a pet and the love and attention they require, I am making sure that I choose the pet that is right for me. If you’re looking for the perfect pet for you and your family, here are three tips to help you along the way:

·         Determine the real motive behind your desire to have a pet. Is it for companionship? If so, what kind of pet can truly meet that desire? You want to choose accordingly.

·         Choose a pet that fits your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, then a dog may not be the right pet for you. They require and need lots of love, affection, and attention. Don’t punish a pet by never being home to bond with them. Or just choose a pet that won’t miss you when you’re gone!

·         Don’t take choosing a new pet lightly. Take time to do research. Learn about the different pets you think you might be interested in. Take a visit to the nearest pet shop to get some hands on experience. Ask questions. Interact with the animals. Touch them, hold them and watch the way they act and respond to you.

Having a new pet can be really exciting, and choosing the right one can add great joy and fulfillment to your life. Take your time, choose wisely, and you and your new pet will share many years of love and companionship together.

Published : Jun 13 2013