Confusion solved: How to get the free Windows 10 upgrade

Well that was a big confusion. Microsoft’s release date for Windows 10 didn’t actually change. The tiny little “start” icon we all saw on the bottom right corner of our screens is just an invitation to reserve your free upgrade.

However almost everyone – along with us – got confused and tricked into thinking that Windows 10 actually were released earlier.

So let us right this wrong. Windows 10 are still expected to be released in July 29th so don’t bother wondering why you can’t download the new edition that you were promised. Instead of that, let’s see what you need to do to preserve your right to get the Windows 10 when they are available. The instruction were officially given by Microsoft. And note that the free upgrade will only be available to those who own a computer that runs with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

And you might wonder what’s all that fuss about a simple operating system. Well you would be correct except, we’re talking about the most used operating system in the world. There is a big chance that the computer you’re using right now to read this article runs with a Windows operating system. If not, well it is still good to know stuff right? Besides, Microsoft has already stated that is ultimate goal is to put its operating system to all the computers in the world (in other words they want to have the monopoly, and we’re not talking about the game).

The process that those users need to follow is simple and easy. First, you will need to activate – if it’s not already activated – the automatic Windows Update. If you have any trouble doing that, try installing manually the KB3035583 service pack. And if you don’t know where to find that then don’t worry, try this link:                           

Remember! Your operating system must be Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8.1.

Along with the update mention above, you get a tiny icon that looks like the start menu of Windows and it‘s called Get Windows 10. With the help of that you can make a reservation of the free upgrade of your operating system. You will be asked to give an email address. After doing that you will get a notification concerning the upgrade that you’ll get once it is available for download. From that menu you can also cancel the free upgrade if you wish to do so. Of course why find no reason why anyone would want to do that, since Windows 10 seems to be more advanced than any other Windows edition. But still, Microsoft is giving you that option.

In case you don’t make the reservation for Windows 10, and decide that you actually want to try it, then you’ll have to buy the new operating system which you can find in prices that go up to $199.

Windows 10 may has not been released yet but when it does, it will have the features you already read on the previous article, so you still know what to expect. What changes is how long you’ll actually have to wait.

Published : Oct 9 2015
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