Croation Entertainer gets the townsfolk moving!

In this video we see a happy joyful Croatian performer entertaining locals in a village. He's signing a traditional song about a man who was so hungry he needed to eat moldy bread. He's fashioned a contraption that he wears so he's able to play a multitude of instruments. While shuffling through the street to keep a steady beat, he's has a tambourine attached to his left foot while a string on his right foot leads to a drum on his back. Rhythmically strumming his guitar, you can hear the music wafting from the amp on his back throughout the village. As if he wasn't busy enough, in between verses, he has a kazoo and harmonica attached to his neck brace. The best part ... any time someone gives him a bit of change in his hanging cash receptacle, he rings a bell! He is a sight to see and a joy to listen to.

Published : Jan 10 2017