Dell is going on a sale rampage on PCs Laptops and accessories. Here's how to get its latest laptop 12% off

First things first. If you’re on the market for a new desktop computer, a kickass laptop or just some cute and convenient new peripherals and accessories, then go to Dell’s site right away. ‘Why’, you ask? Well for one thing, Dell is right up there at the top of computer makers and for another, the company has announced some short sales on its website for limited models of computers and laptops.

Specifically, there are 78 products on sale of which 12 are laptop deals, 21 are desktop deals and 26 of them are XPS & Gaming PCs deals’. The remaining 19 are for TVs and monitors. All you have to do to get the sale is use the coupon ‘SAVE12’ and you can get 12% on any of those products.

If you’re too busy to go through all of those deals, no worries. We’ve made sure to check them out for you and give you the best two of each of the Laptop and Desktop categories; one for the budget-minded buyers and one for those who want to go reach for the top while maintaining a high value for money attitude.

Laptop Deals

Inspiron 15 3000 - $279.99

The Inspiron is a trustworthy laptop series that has earned a rightful spot in consumers’ hearts. They come in all sizes and specs thus managing to please all target groups. The $280 edition is the second cheapest one of the 12 deals. It is preferable to the one at the lowest price – which is available at $184.99 –  because for that extra $90 you get 500GB of memory instead of 32GB, a bigger screen (15.6 inches) and a considerably better processor, not to mention that extra optical disk you’ll get for ‘burning CDs or downloading software’.

New Inspiron 14 7000 - $1,079.99

It’s hard to find something better than this Inspiron. It houses an 8th generation i7 Intel processor, 16GB of RAM and two hard drives; a 128GB SSD and an 1TB HDD. Truth be told, in the same set of deals you could go for the XPS 15 which comes with a bigger screen, the Dell Cinema feature and ‘12 months of special financing’. However, provided that we’re not in the hardcore gaming deals yet, it’s probably not worth to an extra $620 just for that.

Desktop Deals

New Inspiron 22 3000 Touch - $479.99

It’s not even close to most affordable product in that category but it’s undoubtedly the most budget efficient option you’ve got. That’s because the New Inspiron 22 3000 is a computer system put inside a screen, much like a Mac. Consequently, at that price you’ll get a fully operational computer system whereas with any other tower, you’d also have to pay extra for the monitor and the peripherals. At that price range, it’s the best option you’ve got in terms of budget, while it also stands proudly against the competition.  

XPS Tower Special Edition - $1,649.99

This is Dell’s best XPS ever made, when it comes to performance. It’s definitely not the priciest one but it can easily compete with higher tiers as well. It has everything you would expect from a high ranking desktop including an 8th generation i7 intel processor, 16GB of the fastest kind of RAM – which can be expanded to 64GB – and a nVidia GTX 1070 graphics card. For the record, the most expensive desktop found within those 21 deals, is monitor computer that costs $2,999.99 and houses an AMD RX 570 video card and a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700 Processor while the monitor itself is a 27" 4K UHD Display with Touch and Articulating Stand. Don’t get this wrong. It’s a pretty appealing deal. But I bet you can get the XPS Special Edition Tower, add a 4k display and some jaw-dropping peripherals and you’d still be under $3,000.

What do you think of Dell’s deals? Is there any other computer that caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

Published : May 24 2018
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