Digital technology: How are we going to organize our vacations in 2,030

Ok so summer is here. Have you planned your vacations? And if the answer to that is yes, then where did you base your plans?

We have already mentioned some extraordinary summer destinations which of interestingly enough where all island cities. But that was only for this summer.

Perhaps it you have never asked yourself – probably because you had no reason to do so – so are giving you this question as something fun to trouble your mind with. Have you ever wondered how will people plan their vacation (or even you) in 15 years from now?

Digital technology is becoming more and more part of our daily lives as time goes by and it is expected to drastically change the way we do and plan things like our vacations. So you may have many answers to give to the question above and all might be true or they might be wrong. In any case, scientists and researchers have once again done their homework. And the results are pretty interesting. Below you will read how digital technology will affect people’s vacations in 15 years from now.

According to the analysts, in just 15 years from today, in 2030, a new “kind” of travellers and tourists will rise. The researchers call that kind the “Social Capital Seekers”. Those people will plan their vacations having in mind almost exclusively all the online forums and blogs where opinions and reviews are gathered. A whole new market can actually be based on the “Klout-boosting breaks”, full of feed-friendly moments.

And that’s really just one of the rising tourist “races” that will affect tourism, as the research of Amadeus called “Future Traveller Tribes 2030” describes. The research was conducted by “The Future Foundation”, an international advising company expert in consumer trends. It defines the 6 traveller “tribes” that will occur until the end of 2030. Understanding the travellers of tomorrow, this new research recognizes all the different travelling preferences and categories that are to come up in the next 15 years.

The same research notes that at those years, the desire to share our travel experiences will increase, and as a result the impact at the consumer trends will also increase, when we share moments from out vacations. So we are practically talking about the rise of a whole new subcategory in the tourism industry that will be bases on the people’s need to share their experiences from their trips. And to take it a step further, that can be really good for the technology industry since, digital technology is in fact what will allow travellers to share their moments with their beloved ones.

Furthermore, the method used to conduct the research mentioned above, was psychographic and not demographic. Besides the “Social Capital Seekers” there are also the “Ethical Travelers”, a tribe of travellers that will plan their trips based on ethical criteria such as the decrease of their environmental prints, or the improvement of other people’s lives. Travellers of that tribe may even take part in voluntary activities.

Published : Oct 9 2015