Discover it Credit Card: You should get one

Spoiler alert: Discover it Credit Card is ideal for everyday purchases, primarily thanks to its Cashback Bonus system, free FICO score monitoring and 100% U.S based customer support.

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Discover it is a credit card that poses as a perfect solution for people who make frequent purchases and young adults who want to get rewards for using it. The card issuer, Discover Bank, stresses out on the card’s website that all the features that are offered are more than words. Still, with so many options available it can get quite overwhelming at times to make the right decision.

Let’s break down the card’s features in pros and cons and see where it stands in the competition.

Cashback Bonus & Cashback Match:

That always means free money. The catch however is, that more often than not, the amount you are rewarded for spending is nowhere near compensating for your purchases.

That’s not the deal with this card though. As advertised on its website, the Discover it card offers a 5% cashback program that can be activated every quarter and customers can earn cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases. From july to September 2018, Restaurant are on the list, with Amazon and wholesale club waiting up next for the October- December 2018 quarter. All other purchases of course still get the unlimited 1% cashback.

In addition, all new members can take advantage of the Cashback Match program thanks to which, any amount that the customer has earned at the end of the first year is received the next year as an additional bonus.

No fees

It’s very rare to find a card that comes with no fees. And we mean exactly that; NO FEES. No annual fees, no overlimit fee, no foreign transactions fee and no interest rate for overdue payments. And on the top of all of it 0% APR for first 14 month.

For the record, this strategy – although it may strike as a high risk for the bank – is a perfect approach to building trust between the bank and the customer. After all, it has been scientifically proven that using transparency to build trust between consumers and corporations is pretty much the most efficient way to increase profits.

But still, we customers pay no fees whatsoever, so it seems to be a win-win situation in the end!

Customer Service

This one was left for last in the pros section on purpose. And that’s because you may need to think about it for a few minutes before you actually realize how important it is. Don’t get it yet? Let me put it this way.

Say that one fine morning you find that you’ve been overcharged for a fraudulent purchase and you need to get it sorted out before you go to work, otherwise you won’t be able to find out what’s going on. It really seems like a requirement that the bank you’ve chosen to get your card from has an award-winning customer service department, right?

Well, unless you have a Discover it, you won’t get far with this one.

24/7 phone support that works fast, efficiently and sticks to helping out rather than trying to sell you other stuff at the end of the call. Neat apps and online services that are easy to use.

Discover’s customer support is probably one of the most frequently praised features by customers’ reviews.

All in all, Discover it is a great choice for all the reasons mentioned above. Some other honorable mentions include the fact that card owners can get free FICO score reports and convenient APR rates.

Some people will argue that the card can be less acceptable for merchants in the U.S while outside U.S things can get worse.

Truth be told, unlike other banks and card issues that use Visa’s and MasterCard’s networks, Discover uses its own network; more like American Express. But the acceptance issue is being increasingly solved at least inside the country. It’s virtually more likely for an Amex card to be denied.

Those are pretty much the reasons you should get a Discover it card for. If you feel there’s anything that was left out, let us know in the comments below!

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Published : Sep 20 2018