Doomsday paradox

"This video talks about the likely extinction of humans based on certain surveys and facts. Firstly, vsauce asserts that human extinction is possible by using the genome code of currently known deadly microbes like ebola and anthrax. He says the human extinction may or may not be anthropogenic.

Secondly, He views about the probability of a human being the one in 100 billion; like, drawing a numbered ball from a urn. He tells about a theory called Dooms day argument, which says that human race has 19% chances of extinction. He wonders whether there is a chance for equally intelligent beings like humans still exist somewhere in the outer space. The Fermi paradox says so.

Thirdly, He speaks about a movement called “The voluntary human extinction movement”. Those who support the movement says that humans are the negative impact on the biological circle of earth. He also says about a computer program written by Dr.Tom Murphy, a program that plays video games. He made the computer program play tetris game. The computer struggled because it was not designed to consider future occurrences of blocks and in one run it paused the game forever. Dr.Murphy explained that the program considered the only winning move it could do was to pause the game. It did so. Vsauce concludes that if we learn continually we could compete other intelligent species if it existed and we may survive."

Published : Jan 9 2017
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