First trial in Vatican for pedophilia

The Vatican is the centre of Catholicism, where important matters concerning the religion are encountered. It is actually a whole self-sufficient community able to survive and function based on its own resources.

Many scandals have been leaked or rumoured along the years but until now, no one dared to question the morality of all those spiritual men who live in the Vatican. That was until now at least.

The Vatican itself, announced the start of the first trial for pedophilia that will take place at the Holy seat in July. The defendant will be an ex Roman Catholic bishop who is charged with the accusation of paying to have intercourse with children while being a nuncio at the Dominican Republic. The same person is also accused of having in his possession pornographic material. And on top of that, two more American bishops will be accused of concealing more than one pedophile priests.

The ex-apostolic nuncio at the Dominic Republic, Józef Weso?owski, who is Polish and was laicised by the Vatican court, became in 2014 the first person who was arrested in the Holy Seat for pedophilia. On a relevant statement it is added that the accusations about the crimes mentioned above, are based on an investigation conducted by the country’s police.

Some other charges to Mr. Wesolowski are based on another investigation conducted by Vatican itself during which, on his personal computer the people in charge of the investigation came across hideous material of child pornography.

Mr. Józef Weso?owski had been withdrawn to Rome by the Vatican in 2013, while he was still a diplomat at Santo Domenico and was seized from his duties, after the media of the Dominican Republic were the first to accuse him of paying boys to have sex with them.

The ex-archbishop who later lost his diplomatic immunity, is now facing a sentence of 12 years imprisonment, as was announced by the Vatican during his arrestment.

The Vatican also announced last week the creation of a new institution canon law that will judge bishops accused of negligence or even synergy with priests whom they have under their authority and are sentenced for sex crimes.

The truth is the Vatican is a place that despite its devotion to religion- more specifically Catholicism – it has been accused for many scandals and its priests as well. Of course so far, no one dared to proceed to anything more intense probably due to the Vatican’s power and influence – and because obviously it is kind of hard to accuse the centre of Catholicism, where religion and holiness is supposed to be maintained at its best.

Now that the first step has been taken, the Vatican will get to a more vulnerable position which means that the members of the community will either have to stop their scandals (assuming of course that they are up to some) or come up against the law. We surely hope that no more trials like this one will occur as that would hurt the status of the centre of the rifest religion in the world.

Published : Oct 9 2015