Free Phone Calls Using Google Voice

Google Voice is VOIP service provided by Google. The service allows you to call any phone number within USA and Canada free of charge. Call service to other countries are also provided at lower cost. Google Voice is also integrated with Google Hangouts. Another free service from Google where you can video chat and call with more than one person at the same time like a conference call.

Google Voice can also be setup in smart devices like iPhone and Android devices to send and receive free text message and see call logs via the official “Google Voice” app available both at the Apple App store and Google Play store. Calls can be made through the google voice as well but it incurs your carrier charge. However, when combined with third party apps like Talkatone, you could make free VOIP calls using WIFI or cellular internet painlessly making a complete phone using just WIFI and not having to subscribe to any carrier.

Until 15th May, 2014, the integration of Google Voice and 3rd party app like talkatone worked great but Google has decided to stop providing access to the voice to third party apps. This has ended the great free phone service many of us had been enjoying. So what is the alternative to such great service.

The good news is that Google has now officially created the app to provide the service 3rd party apps like talkatone has been providing.  The app is “Hangouts”. You can download the app for both iPhone and Andorid devices.

Steps to Setup the Hangouts App

1.       Install the app first from the respective app store

2.       Log in with your Google credentials.

3.       Follow the on screen instructions to setup the app and confirm the phone number.

4.       You can now call your friend by tapping on the “Calls” icon > the keypad icon that appears on the top right corner.

5.       To receive calls, click on the picture that appears on the top center of the app. Tap on the “Gear” icon to enter settings mode. Scroll down to “Phone Number” and tap on the row. Move the “Incoming phone calls” slider to “ON” position.

6.       You have now successfully installed “Hangouts” app to receive and make calls from your phone using VOIP

7.       Share your number with your friends.

Published : May 18 2014