Game of Thrones 5th season sum up

Game of Thrones surprised us once more and left us hanging and looking forward to the next season. So let’s make a sum up before the grand finale of the exceptional 5th season.

Ok, it is time to face it: the 5th season of Game of Thrones is obviously the most complete one. Maybe not the best for everyone or everybody’s favourite, but technically speaking, it has everything a great TV series need to have. Many disagree to that supporting that this season took some time to escalate but what it actually did was build a continuity.

The 9th episode of the 5th season has the title “The Dance of Dragons”, just like the 5th book of the series of George R.R Martin and of course with a title like that one expects to see certain stuff that the TV series gave us generously. And of course this is the time for SPOILER ALERT!

Reconstruction at the Black Castle

We come from where all the epic stuff happened on the wildling camp with John Snow confronting the White Walkers and the army of the undead that they’ve made. Those that survived from the attack, return to Black Castle in order to regroup and realize what hit them. We can probably wait to see some new stuff from the next season.

Stannis’s horrible sacrifice

The centre of all things going on this week is at the North from the south side of the Wall and more specifically at Stannis’s camp. A few episodes ago, Game of Thrones shocked us with a rather clumsy plot twist that didn’t handle very elegantly and didn’t prepared us for. Because Sansa’s rape by Ramsey is definitely the only black spot in a well thought out season.  So this week we had an even harder incident. Stannis decided to throw his daughter, Shireen, in the flames so he could satisfy Melisandre’s god, the Lord of Light and get the crown. It was a hideous scene but given the general chaos that prevails in all Westeros, at least we can’t say we weren’t prepared for this. In this whole season, Stannis appears addicted to power and hypnotised by Melisandre’s charm, he reacts to the wealth without giving himself a choice. The sure thing is that we’re talking for a tragic figure that now lost the support of his people for his ascent to the throne. Have you asked yourself yet? Whose side are you with? Stannis or Bolton?

The prodigal dragon returns

Of course, the main event has to do with Daenerys’s story and it is the reappearance of the most untamed of her three dragons, Drogo. It all began a little while ago, with Daenerys watching the monks in the arena along with her new husband, Missandei, Dario Naharis and her new friend, Tyrion. And from in the arena, Ser Jorah sends his salutations, trying to gain his favourite Khaleesi’s attention. And after their little “party” is over and Jorah is the last man standing in the arena, it is revealed that all this bloody scenery is an ambush from the Sons of the Harp, who found the chance they were looking for and get over with Daenerys once and for all. And they would have done it if they hadn’t forgotten to add a dragon to the equation.

What to keep from all that

- Even though we had our doubts during the season, we are now completely with Daenerys in the battle for the throne.

- Daenerys and Tyrion are the best couple the series has ever given us. Just the suspicion of that condescending smile that Daenerys gives her new friend when he offends her husband (with tact of course) is priceless.

- And of course we must keep that we’ll never stop getting excited like 5yearolds with dragons.

Published : Oct 9 2015