Game of Thrones...Season Finale

Warning! Spoiler Alert! Ok truth be spoken, this is Game of Thrones, not some romantic comedy series based on the safe techniques that bring the numbers. On the last episode of the fifth season (in fact the whole fifth season as well) we witnessed some out of this world overthrows to the plot that made the fans deluge the social media with posts and tweets.

First of all, there is the death of Jon Snow (a role played successfully by Kit Harington) who eventually dies by the men of the Night’s Watch. The final and lethal blow was delivered by Jon’s young dependant, Olly. And for the ones who have done their homework, you may have expected Jon’s death (although it wasn’t that obvious) but you can’t say that you expected Olly to be the one to strike last.

And sadly we can’t hope to Snow’s come back on the sixth season. Harington himself stated on Entertainment Weekly that Jon Snow is dead and he won’t come back on the next season. In fact even Kit was surprised that Olly was his character’s murderer.

But enough with Snow. He was not the only one with an exciting twist. Stannis Baratheon was executed by Brienne of Tarth, just a few hours after his wife, Queen Selyse, was hanged.

This one is a twist that made some fans happy and others sad. On the one hand, Stannis wanted the throne so bad that he even sacrificed his own child by delivering to the lord of light. So one might say that he got what he deserved, or even that he had it coming. But on the other hand, one less character to claim the throne means les action. Of course we don’t fully believe that since first there is already plenty of action going on and second, the producers have proven more than once (or twice) that the plot twists are so much that no one knows whether we will meet new characters who might even claim the throne or not.

And Speaking of Stannis, Melisandre, the red prophet, seems to be playing a very important role to all that which we can tell since the last episode starts with her spell that worked. So what will happen to her now that Stannis is dead is something that we really expect to learn from the next season.

Next we have Cersei Lannister, who after she got her clothes ripped off and her head shaved, she was forced to walk naked on the streets to wash off the same of sleeping with her cousin (she need to walk a bit more than that)!

Last but not least we see Daenerys fleeing with Drogo, her dragon who seems unresponsive to her commands due to his empty stomach. And as Daenerys goes off to find him something to eat, she come face to face with Dothraki horsemen.

That was pretty much the top scenes we watched on the last episode and now we look forward to the next season to see if the production will maintain that level of action and plot twists. Until the next season it is!

Published : Oct 9 2015