Gopro Gone??

"This story starts with a family vacation, a family filming their annual outing to the river using his Go-pro camera strapped on his head. He jumped into the river and the camera popped off of his head, he tried and tried to find this beloved camera that was a gift from his wife. He was unable to find it and had to determine that it was gone forever.

1 year later the camera was found by a stranger. The camera miraculously was still dry, the man took out the memory card and started looking at it. He realized someones memories were still on the card. He was able to track him down by some military training videos that were on the card and returned the camera to its' owner.

Such a miracle to be able to recover those precious memories from the depths of the river, and still in one piece.

A true story of the people's desire to be honest and return something that has been lost."

Published : Jan 19 2017