Hashtag Van-life Is Our American Dream.

A couple quit their boring repetitive 9-5 lifestyle, selling most of what they own and moved their lives into a cute yellow VW pop van and hit the roads of America. In today's society more and more people are realizing the American dream doesn't necessarily have to look like everyone else's, so people are taking their lives into their own hands and living life to best fit into their own ideology and that's exactly what this couple did. They have been going hashtag van life for the past five years and in those 5 year's they have probably seen more of the world than most Americans do in their entire lifetime. They consider themselves slow travelers because they want to be able to really embrace each city or state they find themselves in, really trying to learn and understand their surroundings, to really appreciate all that it has to offer, to appreciate all the little things, to just be in the moment and really enjoy it. They provide for themselves by helping out at a variety of organic farms and homestays and also doing some digital nomadic work online. I find this interesting because I like to see people thinking outside the box and really creating their own happiness and amusing that there are still others out there that hadn't caught on the revolution of it's up to you to decide what the American dream looks like to you.

Published : Feb 8 2017